Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education


Maadwo brothas and sistas,
Now i think i understand the MADNESS i see out here a little betta noow! We got a multitude of negros out here that really don’t wanna ever grow up, they just seem stuck in a perpetual state of infancy….and find every reason to extend their adolescence and stay “hot, sexy and out ah road!”. Our “missing” mothers (and they DO exist!, but i don’t know none though!) are in the club “droppin it like its’ hot” to Rihanna’s latest tune, getting the latest “fly weave” for that bashment that’s coming up on the weekend OR shopping at the mall for the latest yurugu inspired fashion. Maybe those “missing” fathers are watching the games at the “crib” of one of “their boys”, test driving that new Benz with the “fine honey” they just met at the mall (who will be pregnant with baby #6 in a few weeks>) OR hanging out at the plaza all dayum day talking about how they used to be such a “playa” in their young days (i have seen fathers do this!!) And then some of the missing fathers in our community have just “disappeared into the night” with no word or trace.

Let them BE children

Regardless of the scenario, i DID have a revelation today. Many Afrikan diasporan parents desire an “extended adolescence” period in their lives that usually gets out of hand. They don’t want to deal with the very real and serious responsibility of loving and protecting our children and showing them how to reclaim and revive our values and culture. So they run headfirst into everything that will allow them to feel like a teenager again, such as, abandoning their child/children daily for hours on end, leaving their babies at home to be “supervised” by a distant neighbour, while they party ALLL night long, putting them in front of the television for hours, leaving them with strangers or acquaintances, giving them to their grandparents or aunties for extended “vacations”, handing them over to daycares as young as 3 months of age, giving them an abundance of adult responsibility and last but not least, leaving children in charge of children….as if the children gave birth to their own siblings!!!

I did not know until recently that this is now the “norm” in many Afrikan diasporic families and has been for sometime. I even know of some people who shared with me that they grew up like this, and i just realized that these same people RESENT the fact that they have to “grow up” not only in age but in deed!! When you ask them to take on an adult responsibility they play “hide and go seek”, only thang is, i don’t play that game anymore cause i am a wombman now! My take on it is: it is NOT the responsibility of children to parent one another OR to take charge of the family home. NOOO! Our children should not be the “breadwinners” of the home because daddy is missing. You cannot accept $50-$20 dollar bills from a 12 yr old knowing he does not have a job!!! A 9 yr old boy cannot play “daddy” to his siblings.

Teen pregnancy

A 10 yr old girl cannot play “Mommy”. I’m SERIOUS!!, and this is not just for the negropean massive this goes out to the entire Afrikan community, negropean, wanna be crackas, Afrikan nationalist and everythang in between. Because all of us have the yurugu germ in US, whether we are draped in RBG colors or the Canadian flag. Our childrens’ innocence and life experience should not be robbed from them just because they are being FORCED to function as adults. I realized today that the “extended adolescence” epidemic that many parents face, is what causes so much dysfunction in our families and communities. It is also one of the major causes of teen pregnancies and gun violence amongst our youth. In many ways, it caused my brothers’ death and now my son does not have an uncle because of it. My son will never know the immense love and affection of his uncle because the adults in his family refused to ensure his protection and would not allow him to live the life of a child.

WE must remember that it is not our childrens’ fault that sooo many of us refuse to grow up!!!! On another note, this shows us how important and crucial it IS for aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, elders, extended family (distant cousins kwk) and sincere, trustworthy, devoted community members to STEP IN to love, nurture, educate and protect our children whose biological parents are M.I.A. and/or abusive and dysfunctional. We have NO choice but to take the roles that are vacant in our communities, especially the role of an absentee or abusive parent! Not all of us are willing to LIVE the role of a mother or father, just because we gave birth or contributed our seed. That’s real and we have to talk about it so we can come to some solutions. How many of us are willing to be that Ena or Baba that is so needed for our children?

Bad example

How many brothas are willing to take on the responsibility of being Jegna’s (called mentors in brofo) or Baba’s to our princes who don’t have a father? And if brothas don’t want to take that duty, then they should have nothing to say about the dynamic work that single mothers are doing in our communities. “If you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem!” Are we going to leave our children with the duty of being parents to their own siblings making the money to feed themselves anyway they can, suffering abuse or neglect just because we did not give birth to them? And then we wonder why they have no respect for their elders.

Most Afrikan children in the diaspora don’t even know what elder means. What a shame!! They should not have to deal with the effects of our adolescent, infantile behaviour! They should not have to be motherless and fatherless when there are so many able bodied, healthy, educated, employed Afrikans who can afford to adopt our children yet spend the majority of their money on “conscious dvds”, “conscious lectures”, “conscious cruises” and “conscious everythang under the sun” instead of nation building where it starts- with OUR families and children! Don’t hate, i’m just saaaayiiiiin!!!! What the hell are we gonna do other than watch our children DIS-integrate into the yurugu “milky way” before our very eyes? PASS ON THIS MESSAGE to all who need to hear it!!!!!!

Benin mama

Sista Kentake.


The Tama-re Traveling Market & Showcase

Please attend the Tama-Re Travelling Market & Showcase in Toronto, Ontario. This is an Open Afrikan Market that will be offering many products and services to the Toronto-based community. See you there!!

(A.D.F. Inc. stands for Afrikan Descendant Foundation, an NPO)

Sista Kentake.


AAPRP Afrikan Youth Empowerment program

If you are a parent who has Afrikan (Black) children between the ages of 5 – 12 years or 13 – 21 years, you are encouraged to bring them (and/or join them) to attend the first session of the AAPRP Youth Empowerment program on Saturday, January 26th, 2013 at 6:30 pm. Abibifahodie.


Maadwo sistas and brothas!,

I have noticed a disturbing trend among Afrikan centered people that has created an unhealthy obsession among sistas to “get a man, keep a man” at all costs. Healthy Maatic Afrikan unions are to be encouraged but in order to build such a divine union it takes time, effort and patience. Time, Effort and Patience to build trust, respect and also to develop a strong and lasting friendship, which should really be the foundation for a lasting Maatic union. Our sacred ancestral legacy has taught us that Afrikan relationships are crucial to our revival, healing and transformation as a people and clearly if we value and honor the Majestic Beauty of Afrikan love we must take the time to let it grow, just as a beautiful plant needs water and sun to develop over time, so do our relationships. So it baffles me as to why Afrikan women (often single mothers in particular) are frowned upon, scorned and accused of being “man hating “independent” feminists” because they Choose to willingly remain single and celibate….until they meet a brotha who is able to accept the responsibilty of being a devoted father/mentor to their child OR sometimes even until their children are grown adults. What exactly is the problem with an Afrikan woman being committed to her child/children and focusing her efforts on the responsibility that was bestowed upon her by her Ori, Egun and Orisa?


Unfortunately, in these heated debates discussing mate relationships and single parents, the well being and protection of Afrikan children is hardly ever addressed. Are we trying to tell the mothers of our Afrikan community that “getting a man and keeping a man” should be priority over the care, well being and protection of Our children? What we should be asking is: What role will this new mate play in the lives of her children? Will she secretly “hide” this new mate from her children or will he be a part of their lives? Will she temporarily “date” this new mate and then discard him after sometime?! Is this new mate willing to be an “automatic” father to her children? Is this new mate willing to “co-parent” with the biological father of her child/children (if he is present) and also develop a partnership with the father of the children in order for peace to remain in the family? Is this brotha able to handle the responsibility of entering into a union with a sista who is a mother, a nurturer and a caregiver to  her children first and foremost? And then there is the issue of whether the sista entering this union is also mature and responsible enough to know how to conduct herself in the face of her children.


Will she know how to decipher if the brotha she has chosen is able to take on the duty of being a mate, a mentor and a father to a child/children that are Not his own biologically? Does she know what qualities to look for not only in a potential mate but also a co-parent? Now let me be Very clear that these questions and observations made here are applicable to brothas who are single fathers as well, because i know many of you are out there and you all are doing a Blackxcellent job! (Much love to you all) I ask these questions because i know there are many single mothers/fathers out there and some of you are even visiting this site and reading this blog. I need to share with you all that Our health and well being and that of Our children MUST be first at all times and that position does not change just because you may have a potential brotha (or sista–to the brothas) who is interested in you. ALWAYS remember that.  I also fully recognize that it is important for us to have positive and uplifting mentors and role models for our children, especially our young boys. And you single parent brothas, i know many of you are raising our young princesses alone and they need positive and powerful sistas around them, but most definitely NOT any sista. Please BE CAREFUL because everything we do is being monitored and watched by our children and our divine ancestors. Our children chose us to be the physical vehicles through which they enter this plane of existence so we must take our role seriously, as it is a great and honorable gift we have been given by Our Nananom Nsamanfo.


We must create supportive extended family systems for single mothers AND fathers! in our global Afrikan communities so that when such decisions are being made we have those to guide and counsel us on how to make the transition wisely and carefully. We cannot afford to make any careless and sporadic mistakes with our children. Family development must be encouraged and supported by any means necessary, however, we should not be irrational or overly emotional about it. We must maintain our dignity, respect and honor as Afrikan mothers and fathers. Our focus on family development must always be centered within the context of Our family, meaning that, How will this Afrikan man/woman that i am interested in contribute to my already existing family unit? What personal qualities and values do they have that can assist my family in inter-generational nation-building? How will they be able to encourage my child/children in the development of righteous Afrikan character? What experience do they have being responsible for Afrikan children? Why do i bring this topic to our attention today you ask? Because i see that when Afrikan unions are being encouraged the topic of our children and their role in the formation of Maatic relationships is often never mentioned. This is not only disturbing it is also insulting to witness as an Afrikan mother. And worst of all, it also shows me that as Afrikan people our children seem to be of secondary importance to us, the first obligation in the Afrikan centered community to me seems to be “getting a man…keeping a man/woman”. Sorry y’all i am here to say that we need to re-evaluate our position and re-store the divine values of our Egun, which told us that “children are the wealth of a nation”.

black family

If you are a single parent (mother or father) and you are not sure whether your prospective mate can be a co-parent to your child, please take your time, as long as you need. Regardless of what people around you may “think” or “say”….do what is best for you and your family FIRST. As long as you are living in alignment with your destiny and purpose as an Afrikan person what does it matter what other people think about the way you choose to maintain honor in your family? Celibacy is not a curse, it was actually a respected way of life for our divine ancestors! You will know when you have met your divine mate, because the Egun will show you who they are by the way they respect and honor your child/children. We must all remember that protecting oneself and ones’ children from unworthy members of our community (and they do exist out here, in the most unlikely places as well!…) is not something to be looked down upon.

Afrikan family

Afrikan people who truly stand for the restoration of divine ancestral values must know and realize that the promotion of healthy, vibrant and sacred Afrikan relationships is NOT the same as “ANY Afrikan relationship will do”. There is a very great and profound difference. We must recognize this, acknowledge our negative socialization and change our behaviour by transforming what we teach our young women and children about relationships. Right now it seems that we have an epidemic going on in Afrikan centered circles All across the diaspora where we are promoting the development of ANY type of Afrikan union to the DETRIMENT of Our children. It’s Protection of the Watoto first family not “Get a man….Keep a man” first. Don’t get it TWISTED and spread the word so we can correct this wrong thinking and return stability to our families once again! Abibifahodie!!

Sista Kentake.


Say NO to the creamy crack!



IF you ask me, True Beauty looks like….this!

baby girl

WE must allow them to BE who they are! without imposing our internalized self hatred upon them. Don’t they deserve that much?

Sista Kentake.


“Our children must know, and we must remind ourselves of the difference between Afrikan education and that which simply purports to be African education – particularly that offered by charter schools or other such operations funded or conducted, and thereby controlled, by Non-Afrikan organizations, corporations or governments.Though some brothers and sisters in these programs are well-intentioned, and some of these programs may display Afrikan symbolism, use our vocabulary, and justifiably boast of `academic achievement, ‘ `character education,’ and the like – even `pride in our heritage’ – a fundamental, incontrovertible difference exists between these sometimes `Afrikan-themed’ institutions and `Afrikan [centered]’ institutions… That fundamental difference lies in our purpose.

As we move forward we must advance that purpose and stop comparing ourselves to other schools. We are not other schools. We are teaching something we have been taught against learning. We are not just teaching our students about Afrika – we are teaching them to be Afrikan.

More specifically, we are preparing workers and warriors to re-establish Righteous Living and full Afrikan Sovereignty. We are not teaching our watoto to become patriotic citizens of America or any other non-Afrikan, anti-Afrikan polity or assemblage. In fact, we are teaching them just the opposite. Charter schools cannot say that, nor can they do that. It is unlikely (read: not possible) that an American government (or its subsidiary state or local governments or corporate affiliates) would fund an operation teaching children to be the opposite of itself. Simply put, if it doesn’t meet the strictures of the plantation, the non-Afrikan will not fund it. If it does meet the strictures of the plantation, it’s not Afrikan education anyway.”

Sanyika Anwisye
“CIBI’s Work”
(Council of Independent Black Institutions)


Habari za mchana (Good afternoon) sistas and brothas,

Indeed, it has been a good while since i have shared my innermost thoughts, concerns and personal experiences with you all here at Umkhonto We Sizwe. During the summer, i went through some important and life changing transitions in my life. In September, i relocated to Toronto, Ontario with my son and we are now adjusting and reorganizing ourselves in our new environment. Due to the critical responsibilities of being an Afrikan (black) single mother in a western society ruled and governed by the brutal laws of white domination, i have also had to make some hard decisions concerning my sons’ education. We, as Afrikans, who are the ones who feel the full blow of white domination, who are the ones who can see better than anyone else can, how much Our children need Us to devise a concise plan for their protection and personal/social security, should be aware of the grave responsibility before us.


We should be completely prepared and ready to accept our duty as parents, educators (even of children that are not “ours”), aunties and uncles and caretakers (babysitters, counsellors, elders kwk) because the refusal of our responsibility will be Our own demise. The very children who we refuse to care for today, will be those that will turn around and violate us, insult us, and spit in our face tomorrow. Are We prepared to face the consequences of our own neglect?? Are we prepared to deal with a generation of digitially computerized adolescents who have no connection to family values and their authentic culture?, or a generation of rage filled, vengeful teenagers who are angry because of years of parental neglect? I ask this question because of what i see everyday out on the streets that of Toronto, which is where i now reside.

I have to ask myself these questions too, because of the decisions i was forced to make in my personal life, because of the lack of communal support and the fact that a True Afrikan community infrastructure (solely Afrikan with No outside influence or disturbance!) does not really exist in the Diaspora. And the reason it does not exist, is because the majority of Us are too immersed in our yurugu conditionings and western values, that we cannot see our very nature is leading us towards cultural extermination and permanent economic impoverishment. The worst thang about all of this, is the fact that the very people who taught us to think and act like yurugu are more than likely, our Own parents. It is very hard at times, to engage in dialogue with oneself about How much we have been taught to be like that which is foreign to Us by the very people who loved and nurtured us for most of Our lives. Our western values and worldview, taught to Us, by our parents, has instructed us that we must think about Our own well being and that of our immediate families, first and foremost, and whatever else that is going on in the Afrikan world, is beyond what we have control over, so we just should not bother to think about it too deeply.

I truly must inform Us ALL at this time, that this teaching is not only wrong it is extremely dangerous to the survival of Afrikan people and it will lead us to complete destruction and spiritual impoverishment. Why is it that Aiyana Jones and Trayvon Martin’s death was such a catastrophe when it happened but now that it’s out of the news, Afrikans in the diaspora are silent about it? Why is it that the earthquake in Ayiti was such a blow to our spirit when it happened but now it is unspoken of? Why is it that the apartheid in Azania was such a traumatizing event for Afrikans worldwide when it was taking place, but now that it has been officially declared “terminated” by yurugu officials the Afrikan world has returned to a state of complacency?


Do we really believe that apartheid is over, just because Nelson Mandela became president? Did Obamas’ presidency in the U.S. make white domination disappear? We are consumers of the western media and western propaganda, and they seem to control our thoughts and actions more than we even realize or are willing to acknowledge. Why is it that the western media has so much control over us? And if they have that amount of control over us, then how is it possible for us to protect our children from the damage it will do to their minds especially knowing that we their parents have little to no control over what it does to Ours? I refuse to engage in voluntary hallucinations anymore, we are at such a serious stage of our existence as Afrikan people right now in this world, that it is time for us to really address whether we are interested in Our own survival and upliftment at all.

The spirit of individualism has Us so wrapped up in Our own little world inside of our homes, where many of us are glued to Our computer screens (on facebook, “revolutionizing” the space that Marc Zuckerberg has allowed us to have while he profiles our every word), our IPods’, our cellphones (now we can text each other our innermost thoughts instead of using the phone, where we can actually feel and hear each others’ vibration…) and every other western gadget that yurugu has given us to help us FIND an escape from dealing with the VERY Real Afrikan crisis that is going on in Every Afrikan home, community and nation on the Planet. Yes, i did say your home, even if you are happily married, with no immediate problems that you can think of at this time, you are in a crisis because YOUR community is in a crisis.


Many of us may not realize it yet, but UBUNTU is Real, what happens to your brotha or sista, in this world, whether you know it or not, is affecting you right NOW. Afrikan people are in an economic, social, spiritual, mental, and psychological crisis the world over and those of us who are ignoring it or engaging in sporadic reactionary behaviour are only adding to the mounting pressure of Our impending cultural demise. We must deal with this global cultural and spiritual crisis we are facing and we must deal with the Truth that we are handing over this immense burden for Our children to face, and in addition to that!  we are not teaching them the skills, knowledge and experience they need in order for them to have the resources to address and resolve this crisis in the future, when we will no longer be here to guide them.

We must be mindful that our reactionary escapist mentality is teaching Our children to do the same. We cannot deal with accepting the responsibility of  seeking Afrikan Wholistic healing and ReEducation, so heeeey, let’s just escape it by pretending it does not exist or better yet sit down and talk about it all day and create blog talk radio programs about it….but offering Solutions may scare your enemies so we better not think about doing that. We are scaring our children and sending them into an never ending hurricane of Negrodumb which they will not be able to escape by themselves alone, because they will not have the know how or the skills to understand how to remake themselves into New Afrikans. And this, is where many of us find ourselves now, today.


After years upon years of being robotically programmed by our parents and yurugu educators for most of our lives, we have no idea of how to remake Ourselves into the honorary Afrikans we are destined to be. So we engage in “reactionary behaviour” as Dr. Amos Wilson put it, that encourages us to shout expletives at the “enemy” while waging no battle on how we can disengage ourselves and our children from their seemingly eternal control over our minds, bodies and spirits. And i am here to say to US all, whether you agree or disagree with what i have stated above that IT IS TIME. Whether you “like” what i have said or not is really irrelevant to me, i just need you to hear and listen.

Afrikan children are in EXTREME Danger right now, and NO!, i am Not only talking about the ones in foster care, or the ones addicted to school prescribed ADHD drugs or the ones whose parents are drug addicts kwk, i am speaking about ALL of Our children, including YOURS. Any child that is left neglected in our community becomes a threat to Our survival as a people. I know it may be difficult to consider Ourselves as a nation, given Our current mental and spiritual state but WE ARE, and the least we can do is start to THINK like a nation and after that it will not be hard to function as one. I hope you are hearing me and i pray you are listening, for all our sake. Try your best, all of you who read this, to begin to implement a personal plan in your own lives, to care for, tutor, adopt or mentor an Afrikan child that is NOT your own and/or a child that is not related to you.


If for whatever reason, you are unable to do so, then do your best to commit to sending a monthly donation to an Afrikan centered institution, school, library or daycare center in the diaspora or the continent. If you need assistance with any of these procedures, contact me at and i will help you. In addition to that, make the effort to call an Afrikan on the phone instead of always texting them. Instead of surfing on facebook ALL day and venting your anger about white domination to Marc Zuckerberg (who is a benefactor of that same system!) use a portion of your internet time to research and investigate the current plight and circumstances of Afrikan people worldwide, and/or the current state of Afrikan children and adolescents. We have NO time to be regurgitating information back and forth online, about this Afrikan civilization and that one, we should be focusing on REcreating a new Afrikan reality for Ourselves and Our children in the next generation that will emulate the sacred civilizations of our glorious past.

A people that have come from such immaculate greatness who now find themselves in such a pathetic and dangerous state of near extermination should Never misuse their time attacking one another, arguing and debating over who has more knowledge about this or that, creating online fb drama and spreading it around until it becomes the latest info to talk about (which ultimately distracts us from dealing with the REAL issues of healing and re-education) gossiping, creating rumors about each other that are not true, engaging in casual sex that will result in unwanted pregnancies (and unexpected children!), text messaging all the damn time, creating innumerous blog talk radio shows ALL addressing the same issues (why not just have a few, like 5? instead of 200?), going on shopping sprees for NON-Afrikan clothing, vacations and cruises to NON-Afrikan destinations (meanwhile we have no institutions of our own, like NO banks, no international Afrikan centered schools, no hospitals, no clinics kwk….), watching tv, playing video games, engaging in youtube beef (then discussing for days on end the drama between Dr. Umar Johnson and Saa Neter and then….making even more videos about it!).


The point is: ALL of US who are committed to the  ReConstruction of authentic Afrikan values and culture, MUST make a decision to Stop the Madness NOW. If you are engaged in some drama with another Afrikan who IS committed as you are, reach out to them to resolve the conflict asap! We should be building bridges among each other not building more walls. ANYthing OR ANYone that is NOT in alignment with our ReVival as a people must be abandoned….PERIOD. It does not matter if they are genetically Afrikan or not, if they are not about The Healing, Revival and Rejuvenation of Authentic Afrikan values they are not worth your time. Anything that will take our focus off of dealing with Healing Ourselves, Our families and Our children, One day at a time, should be immediately discarded, for good.

We must deal with the crippling and devastating effects that Individualism and Consumerism has on our minds and on our ability to critically analyze our current condition as a people. For so long as we are wrapped up in the western media mind control machine and parasitic yurugu values we will Never be mentally or spiritually free enough to be able to SEE clearly and constructively ANALYZE what we must do to execute a concise plan and strategic agenda to Heal and ReEducate Ourselves, Our families and Our communities, so even the conversation of Afrikan Liberation will be a realistic one. I think i have fully expressed myself here and i hope you all will take the time to reflect on the grave urgency we now face as a people, worldwide. Please feel free to respond with your comments and suggestions, because i am only here to contribute to the process of Healing but i surely cannot fulfill such a serious mission on my own. Peace and Blessings to all who read these words. Amandla.

Sista Kentake.


1st Annual Black Homeschool & Education Expo!!

The 1st Annual
Black Homeschool and Education Expo!

….addressing the specific needs of our children to awaken their genius!



July 28, 2012
Morris Brown
Cunningham Auditorium
715 Martin Luther King Drive NW. Atlanta, GA 30314

Only $20 all-day admission
lectures & workshops included
Children 12 and up $5
For Details Call 678.368.8593


Katiopa Watoto Shule/ online Afrikan social studies program.


“Our confusion began, in depth, and destructively, with our forced removal and relocation from our continent to alien lands, alien Spirits, and alien practices. That disruption did not destroy our connectedness nor interrupt our continuing quest for an ongoing, regenerating spiritual alignment, an empowering. Nor did displacement obliterate our basic understanding of our connectedness, but it did interfere in significant ways with how strongly the group would eventually value or not value unity.”

Mari Evans
Clarity as Concept

Even though we as adults are having a very difficult time understanding and living the concept of Umoja among ourselves, our children are able to embrace one another and live harmoniously at a moments’ notice. They learn the conditioning of separatism, egotism and individualism from Us at a young age. In many ways, we teach them how to act like yurugu as a “survival mechanism”, as we think this is what they need to do to be able to maneuver their way through white supremacy.

We show them through our own actions, how to alienate themselves from their indigenous culture, their values & their extended family-other Pan-Afrikan people. We teach them mistrust, fear and contempt, but we do not see it. Sometimes, we do this, without even knowing it. It is severe psychotic conditioning that has been passed down to us by our own parents and we have no idea at times how deeply imbedded the insanity has become.

What that tells me is that We need to learn from them as much as they need to learn from Us! We need to allow them to embrace the spirit of the Egungun because really, many of us have lost the ability to “keep it real” in the most important ways. Keep that in mind and remember we must never force our conditionings upon them because they did not incarnate into this life as Afrikan children to be alien to themselves….Let them BE who they ARE.

Sista Kentake.