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Telling Lies to OUR Vision!!!

January 21, 2014

“IF you want to LIE, speak english” Igbo proverb Can we really try to digest this for a “minute” though? Imagine all the ancestral concepts and wisdom teachings that WE are learning and studying now and then think about this ^^^ proverb. HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO FULL RE-AFRIKANIZE SPEAKING THIS DEAD LANGUAGE? Before […]

Asase Yaa is calling Her children….

September 15, 2013

The land is our ancient source of wealth, From time immemorial, it has been our richness, our pride and our strength, Now we sell it to the highest bidder, the ones with the fattest pockets and the most recessive genes, They are now the “legal guardians” of our ancestors’ most intimate dreams, Daughters of Mama […]

“Extended adolescence” syndrome in the Afrikan diaspora

January 31, 2013

Maadwo brothas and sistas, Now i think i understand the MADNESS i see out here a little betta noow! We got a multitude of negros out here that really don’t wanna ever grow up, they just seem stuck in a perpetual state of infancy….and find every reason to extend their adolescence and stay “hot, sexy […]

The Disease of Individualism and Consumerism=The Ultimate Threat to Afrikan people

October 9, 2012

Habari za mchana (Good afternoon) sistas and brothas, Indeed, it has been a good while since i have shared my innermost thoughts, concerns and personal experiences with you all here at Umkhonto We Sizwe. During the summer, i went through some important and life changing transitions in my life. In September, i relocated to Toronto, […]

Black girl expelled after being called “nappy headed”!

June 14, 2012

Black girl expelled after being called “nappy headed”!

Is this what “Education” is going to be like for Our Black children in this century? if This is what public education offers Our children, then what is the use of even sending them to “their” schools??…Something to think about right? Yeaaa!, we better think long and hard on this One. For Real!!

Black Mother Starves Baby & Dumps her in the Trash

May 27, 2012

Black Mother Starves Baby & Dumps her in the Trash

Many of Us as Afrikan people are very afraid of looking at Ourselves and reluctant to see the Demons within Us as a people. I have seen and heard of many horrific stories of mothers, fathers and grandparents abusing, murdering and molesting their children and grandchildren. We are a race of people who loves to pretend as if there is nothing wrong with us and Our only problems are external. Unfortunately, that is not true. We have enemies without and we also have them within. As the Yoruba proverb says “The enemy without cannot harm you if the enemy within has been defeated”. Let the wisdom of Our divine ancestors guide Us out of this madness, ignorance and denial.

6 yr. old Black girl Handcuffed by Police After Temper Tantrum

May 27, 2012

6 yr. old Black girl Handcuffed by Police After Temper Tantrum

This is only the “tip of the yevo iceberg” it IS going to get worse for Our children out here in the trenches of the Belly of the Beast. Please Be Aware that it is Our responsibility to Protect Our children under this brutal system of white supremacy. Our complacency is a sad testimony to Our collective weakness. Are We really that disconnected from Our children that we cannot see the urgent need to REcreate “the village” for them? I wonder…….

And Even in Death Our Children are Mocked!!

May 23, 2012

And Even in Death Our Children are Mocked!!

Please read this article in completion brothas and sistas, so You can See for Yourself how Trayvon Martin is being ridiculed, mocked and made fun of even though he was murdered in cold blood, even though he was innocent, even though he was not guilty of any crime….interesting indeed that even in death Our children are still being tormented, insulted and tainted. For those of you who do not live in the West, this is Your Wake Up Call. FYI: This is Not the “land of milk and honey” and Black people here do not live in “paradise”.


We struggle to protect the lives of Our families and children just as much as other Afrikan people in various parts of the world do. The fact remains that Being a young Black child in North America means that you will have to be protected, nurtured and loved by your family, your extended family & your community, because this is not a job that Black parents in the West should ever have to do by themselves. Our children are under consistent and unrelenting attack, and the sooner we realize that we must create a protective circle of sincere, loving and concerned family members around them, the better off ALL our lives will BE. Until then….please Ensure that Our children are Safe in the hands of All those who you entrust to care for them.

Charity begins at Home!

May 18, 2012

“Our women have been in the kitchen of someone else’s home along time; cooking, cleaning, nurturing their babies while Ours go unattended, then the world wants to label Our children as incompetent, uneducated, violent, misfits. But if you look at the full picture, the children that get the attention from their own parents & extra nurturing from Ours seem to have much less trouble dealing with society. Do you see the picture? Its time to nurture your Own children & give them as much of the advantage as any other child, “Love Self First!” there’s plenty room for everyone else…..

“Warriors of Black Consciousness”

New Afrikan HolyDays to Restablish in Our families

May 14, 2012

Maadwo (good evening) brothas and sistas, Here is a basic list i have compiled of New Afrikan HolyDays that we should be collectively celebrating as Afrikan families, parents, grandparents and educators worldwide. WE must REvive and REstore Our True Sacred Ancestral Days, and observe them as a family with Our children every yr. I encourage […]