Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Telling Lies to OUR Vision!!!

“IF you want to LIE, speak english”

Igbo proverb

Can we really try to digest this for a “minute” though? Imagine all the ancestral concepts and wisdom teachings that WE are learning and studying now and then think about this ^^^ proverb. HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO FULL RE-AFRIKANIZE SPEAKING THIS DEAD LANGUAGE? Before you answer that question THINK for a moment about how many words in the english language you currently use to describe or identify yOur process of SANKOFA and how many you refuse to embrace.

LOVE, HATE, HARMONY, BALANCE, TRUTH, WAR, DEATH, DESTRUCTION, DISORDER, LIFE, CREATION, PREGNANCY, CHILDBIRTH, MARRIAGE, EXTERMINATION, MELANIN, BLACK POWER, BLACK WEALTH, UNITY. All these words may not fit “together” in your opinion but in the Afurakan worldview they FIT very well. WE really NEED to stop speaking this DEAD language among ourselves, because we have OUR OWN already and it is ONLY OUR OWN LANGUAGE(S) that can TRULY DEFINE Our own experiences and worldview. Before rejecting or embracing any concept, 1st find out what that same concept or word means in YOUR OWN LANGUAGE & then and ONLY then will you KNOW whether it is OURS. 405813_377533909033201_1624622666_n
WE are willingly ENSLAVING ourselves to yurugu by giving them Power through speaking the language of THEIR ancestors, who have been warring, enslaving and committing genocide upon Us for several generations, by using the very same language(s) We now speak Ourselves. In this way, We continue to give them the POWER through conceptualizing the WORLD through their OWN eyes. Don’t Our children deserve to know and overstand Our ancestral truth and wisdom in the indigenous authentic way of the Egun (divine ancestors)? Aren’t We doing a DIS-service to Our children by teaching them about OURStory through the worldview of the very same people who seek to destroy them?

Are We not encouraging them to re-enslave themselves to the concepts of their enemies by teaching them about Our Reality through the eyes of their “conquerors”? Is this Why We feel that We should not, cannot, will not live FREE of yurugu domination? Is this Why We choose to sit back and wait on “magical divine intervention” and “believe” that the Creator will “descend” from the “heavens” with a “magic wand” to Save Us from Our enemies? What utter foolishness! This is the beginning of rationalizing Mentacide in Our minds and We must recognize it for what it is-a perpetual enslavement of the Afurakan mind, body and soul, through Our own will.
Our Egun never waited on “magical divine intervention” to solve their problems! They invoked the energy of their Ori, Orisa and Egun which inspired them and created Divine Focus on developing Real and Practical Solutions. Now, in Afurakan centered world communities, We have convinced Ourselves that We need not be self determining and focused on resolving Our issues and dilemnas, because the Creator and the divine ancestors will “intervene” on Our behalf in the “heavens”, and All We need to do it sit back and wait. How is that different from waiting on the return of “jesus”, “muhammad”, the “tooth fairy” or the “easter bunny”, it really IS Not! It is just a form of a self inspired “yurugu fairytale” that We continously play over and over in Our own minds!

The cause of this delusion of “complacency” is because the very language We are using to conceptualize and define “Abibifahodie” is one that was given to US to DESTROY Our ability to even have such a vision and see it realized! I know these questions may be hard to hear, hard to think about and even hard to consider for MANY of Us, but if We do not ask these questions Now Our children will be asking them Again, for several generations later. Let’s NOT be afraid to consider the ways in which We are willingly enslaving OURselves to being dominated and controlled by everyone else in the world to serve their OUR interests instead of OUR own. REmember that not all of it has to do with them, it also has to do with HOW we are enabling them to continue what they do. WE NEED TO STOP ENABLING OUR OWN CULTURAL GENOCIDE & WE NEED TO STOP IT NOWWW!

Mema wo Abibifahodie (I offer you Afurakan Liberation),
Yenge ye zola (Peace & Love),
Udadewethu (Sistar) Kentake.

5 Responses to “Telling Lies to OUR Vision!!!”

  1. Learning to speak an African language is an absolute must for our progression.

  2. Great post sis! You always keep it real and drop serious knowledge! Fan 4 life. 🙂

  3. We must also break the GhostSpell (Gospel) by spelling words correctly and using them in the proper context. I’ve begun to write the word “hueman” the way it was meant to be spelled…with the “e” in it.

    Also, I am trying to break the habit of calling whites “people.” They are mankind or beings. Once we stop deifying these creatures, we’ll begin to see them in a different light and then the mental slavery can stop.

    This is a most excellent post as always. You always give me much to consider. By the way, have you heard of Dr. Yaffa Bey? She read the dictionary and actually looked up each word and found out that the Luciferian system that we are forced to partake begins with the wrong usage of words.

    They are ALL backwards and mean different things.


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