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Afrikan family development: A weapon of Mass Re-Construction!

Abibifahodie Afrikan family!
I am absolutely sure that the Nananom Nsamanfo (divine ancestors) have given me this message to share with Our global Afrikan family. Now you can take this however you want, but just make sure you fully digest the fullness of the message, that is all i ask. Whatever other emotions come up as you read this, please put them aside and deal with the core of the matter at hand: which is the survival, preservation and unity of the Afrikan family, by any means necessary.

There are many of us who are on a path of awakening and are now beginning to realeyes the greatness from whence we came. Not only that we are "kings and queens" and all the other usual "Black power" rhetoric that you may hear around the place. NO, that is not what i mean. Many of us are learning about the power of melanin, the pineal gland and overstanding how Afrikan genetics is tied to metapsychics, spirituality and the unseen world. I am speaking directly to those of us who consider ourselves to be "awake", Afrikan centered, RBG, Pan-Afrikan, Maroon, Garveyites or whatever "label" you want to embrace…i am NOT speaking to those of us who are "brain dead" to the Afrikan way of life and who have no interest in overstanding it, defending it or embracing it. If you are reading this, Akwaaba (Welcome) to my blog, Meda ase for visiting, I apprecilove your presence, but i am NOT speaking directly to you. I cannot hold Afrikans' accountable IF they do not even know they are Afrikan in the 1st place.


Many of us who are using the above mentioned terminologies to refer to Ourselves are exhibiting some very twisted schizophrenic behaviour which Must be addressed immediately. Let me get straight to the point without "cuttin nu cawna" as is often said in Jamaica. A very big part of REAfrikanization is prioritizing family development which is the base of re-creating Nationhood for the Afrikan family. At this stage of the WAR we are in, no one should have to repeat this statement more than once for it to be understood. It is being repeated too many times and that shows something is deeply wrong with us.

Afrikan family development is a weapon of MASS RE-CONSTRUCTION and most of us who are "brainstorming" about HOW we can destroy white terror domination on a grand scale are forgetting the most important aspect of it all….when yurugu came to our shores in ancient Nubia/Kemet kwk the first thang they attacked was the Afrikan family…it would not have been possible to destroy our 1st civilization(s) IF they did not dismantle what Our civilizations were based on: the Unity of the Afrikan Family. Therefore, if the Afrikan family was the 1st Unit to be attacked it Must also be primary in the pursuit of Nation ReBuilding.


Only ofcourse, for those who are serious about Nation Building which at this point does not seem to be many. This should truly not be difficult for any Afrikan with basic common sense to overstand. But for whatever reason, it seems to be very excruciatingly hard for Afrikans in the west to overstand that without family development True Afrikan Unity can never be possible. And it seems as if many of us do not even want it to be possible. As Our Egun (honorable ancestors) have told us "when actions speak, words are meaningless". Right now, our actions are speaking very clearly.

There is NO EXCUSE on the planet for any Afrikan with the knowledge of themselves as a melanin rich 9ether Ntrchr walking on earth, with the wisdom of their Bakoko (honorable ancestors) easily accessible to them, to be working against the reality of family development and/or to be purposefully avoiding the possibility of entering into an honorable Maatic union with their compliment. In such a seriously genocidal and brutally violent era for Afrikan people globally, We really do not have time for anyone who proudly exhibits the mentacidal behaviour of their oppressors' as if it is a trophy to be proud of-unfortunately that describes a large portion of us who "consider" ourselves "centered". What does that say about where we are headed as a people??


Many of us refuse to make the sacrifices necessary for family development (long distance relationships, which is not a "choice" it is NECESSARY because of the circumstances!), we engage in constant slandering of the opposite sex (Afrikan centered sistas act like men kwk), we condone anti-Afrikan behaviour (homosexuality, debate all you want but that is NOT Us) and often accept this degeneracy in our midst, we embrace Willie Lynch ("those" Caribbean people are backwards, "those" Afrikan americans don't like "us" kwk) making it almost impossible for US to engage in cross-national family development because the biases and discrimination is too much for many of us to bear.

All this totally dysfunctional, divide and conquer tactics that we willingly engage in are extremely detrimental to Our healing and self preservation as an Afrikan nation in new formation. I am just not convinced that we are serious about BEing serious about REAfrikanizing anymore, it truly seems as if this is a re-run from Sesame Street that i watched when i was a child and many of us think that being Afrikan is a live cartoon in action. Now let me tell you it is NOT. In addition to the severely mentacidal behaviour mentioned above, it gets WORSE.


Some of us think we are "Afrikan nationalists" even though we are in bed with a cavebeast and/or a furhead! Dat nuh mek it! If you are in an intimate relationship with a non Afrikan of any nation (caucasian, asian, indian it makes no difference) you are basically engaged in NATION SUICIDE, whether you have children with this person or not. Offering yourself up to be voluntarily raped by your oppressor is not normal and no one is going to applaud or congratulate you for it. If you are hiding your yurugu in the closet and coming on facebook talking about "how much you love the Afrikan family" please STOP THE BULLSHIT.

You are only lying to yourself and proving to your honorable ancestors how sick you really are. Either get some help from an elder in your community or consult with an Afrikan priest/ess to assist you in dealing with your mental health issue. We have enough mental health issues in our community already, and we mos def do not need more. What you are doing is a dis-service to Our nation and you are a disgrace and an embarassment to US All.


The behaviour noted above clearly shows that people who exhibit this behaviour are severely mentally ill and require spiritual healing and exorcism of the yurugu spirit that is harvesting their body. There is NO reason for any Afrikan who claims to know themself to engage in sexual activity or intimate relations with a non Afrikan of any race, regardless of the many challenges that may come with nation rebuilding, so NO it's not ok for you to marry an indian, an asian, a mexican, an arab or anyone who is not a 9ether. Just because they are not caucasian does not mean you should be in bed with them. Yes, we are in a "new age" but that is not an excuse to erase your dominant Afrikan genes off the face of the planet! We should embrace, love and honor what Afrikan love and unity can create.


In final, if we are truly aware that the first war was the War against the Afrikan family then Our MAIN aim and objective should be the restructing of that Sacred Family Unit-the Re-Birth of Maat can only be effectively done through that means…So! if you are engaged in any activity, whether mental (willie lynch), physical (sexual/intimate interaction with the opposite sex of any other nation other than Afrikan), psychological (embracing divide and conquer mentality) or spiritual (worshipping dieties of other nations and praying to the very people who oppress you! HOW CRAZY!) then you need to seek a mental health professional who is Afrikan centered and can assist you in coming back into your Afrikan mind.

I am fully and totally convinced that Afrikans ALL OVER THE WORLD need severe psychospiritual therapy in order to be able to fully commit ourselves to nation rebuilding. Because it is very evident that at this point we cannot handle the responsibility of fulfilling Abibifahodie….we are severely emotionally and psychologically traumatized in a variety of ways…myself included (how could i not include myself when i am Afrikan too?!) but the 1st part of dealing with trauma is acknowledging it. Isn’t that true??


With love, joy and righteous rage
I greet you all,
My Afrikan family,
Mama Kentake.


9 Responses to “Afrikan family development: A weapon of Mass Re-Construction!”

  1. Great post sis!I got this excerpt from Mwalimu Baruti. I very much agree with his statements.
    “”Recently a student desperately but futilely tried to convince me that because his father was Afrikan and his mother European he grew up in an Afrikan and European centered home. Our confusion is truly amazing. Although the sanctioning of this confusion benefits Europeans, Afrocentrism and Eurocentrism, without apology, are incompatible. They are two inconsistent interpretations of reality, history, culture and spirit which can never be bound into one. These are two different realities that, if mixed, cause insanity. Moreover, they, as cultural idologies are not the skin you’re in. They are the mentality your skin covers.

    What is scary, in relation to this student, is that in all probablity, his father was more eurocentric than his mother. Afrikan women married to Europeans tend to work to retain a larger portion of their Afrikan heritage than runaway Afrikan males. If not already perfected, the latter appear to move with all due haste to become as European as possible, with European women being little more than a means to that primary end.

    Nonetheless, the problem is not with the Afrikan worldview but with the European. It is unquestionably hostile and exclusionary toward other independent worldviewsl….

    “This is not a truth about which we should get lost in mindless, redundant, divisive, distracting debate. Eurocentrism is about maintaining white supremacy and further positioning Afrikans against each other while removing the Ancients as a force in our thoughts. Afrocentrism is designed to bring Afrikans together, to reconnect us with our Way. Becoming Afrikan centered takes us even further to the level of nationbuilding.”
    We have to be serious about moving forward. All this interracial madness just causes confusion in our people. I have family members married to whites,Mexicans and Persians. It’s becoming more and more popular every year. Black folks are brainwashed into believing multiculturalism will get them freedom. How does marrying your oppressor free you??? Utter nonsense! And I’m tired of hearing about “people of color”. I use to say it myself. But I realize it’s very out dated. Other non-whites are building their communities and building wealth. What are we doing? Trying to hold hands are teach peace and love for all. Many times with races that despise us. It’s a waste of time building bridges with others. We need to worry about ourselves. Just because someone is non white doesn’t mean they’re our friends. That’s a very silly belief. And we better wake up to that reality very soon. Time to do for self!
    One people,one tribe,one goal! Hotep!

    • Abibifahodie!! I consider myself to be a student of Baba Mwalimu Baruti so Meda ase to you for posting such a great response to this article! I obviously agree with EVERY word, we are headed straight to the Afrikan extermination chamber if we continue to co-sign this interracial multicultural garbage! As i often say, one of the worst thangs to happen to Afrikan people was integration! TIME for US to bring segregation Back! One of the best ways to do that is via repatriation. The only way to rebuild the Afrikan nation is amongst OURselves ALONE.

      • I concur my beautiful sista! Our strength is our unity and love for our own. Team work makes the dream work! By the way,what’s your email? I have the emails of my loyal blog followers. We always share important information with each other that affects our community. If you don’t want to give it out on the open forum just leave a comment on my blog and I will be able to see your email. I think it’s important that like-minded brothers and sisters stay in contact. Our people are under serious attack right now. I think we need to build bridges with one another. Stay strong sista. Just know that the original people on the planet win in the end. The destroyers of mother Earth will perish! Only the righteous will still stand when this wicked Babylon system crumbles!

      • Hetep brotha Kushite Prince, Meda ase for your support and encouragement. I will email you personally and send you my email.

  2. Thank you sister Kentake fir keeping the flame burning


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