Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Nation building skills for the Afrikan family!


1) How to make a fire to cook food &/or how to cook food without electric or gas stove

2) How to identify fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in nature

3) How to defend oneself in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to, using ones’ bodily force or martial arts

4) How to grow your own foods, specifically those which are indigenous to the Afrikan ancestral diet

5) How to identify natural water sources, that are safe to drink


6) How to identify herbs that can be used for cleansing the body or healing wounds kwk

7) How to identify herbs and plants that can be used to purify and cleanse the internal organs

8) How to rescue someone if they are drowning (lifeguard).

9) How to navigate to safety in sea water, by boat or swimming.

10) How to fish and how to find bait in the wild order to catch fish.


11) How to identify and locate safe places and hideouts in the hills and mountainous regions, of whatever region or location we may find ourselves.

12) How to exercise and implement community discipline and order through “guerilla rulership”

13) How to herd and raise animals, like goats, ducks, chickens, wild birds, pigs, cows kwk.

14) How to build your own home.

15) How to utilize traditional methods of transportation to move goods &/or services from one place to another (ex: donkey, boat, cow, horse, ship, mule)
16) How to generate your own income by utilizing natures’ many resources.

17) How to protect oneself during natural disasters using survival techniques and strategies that are part of our ancestral legacy and which can be easily learned through living in harmony with ones’ environment.

18) How to utilize natural resources of the earth to create items which are necessary for human survival (clothing, shoes, furniture, cooking utensils kwk)

19) How to be able to properly identify the stage of decolonization one has reached in order to know the duties and responsibilities one can or cannot handle in the ReAfrikanization/nation-building process.

20) How to be able to assist our sistas in the childbirth process utilizing our ancient ancestral knowledge about midwifery practices &/or how to assist oneself in un-assisted childbirth.slide-0
21) How to be able to heal, treat and cure life threatening dis-eases, ailments or illnesses that are common and prevalent among Afrikan people.

22) How to establish independent methods of communication among Afrikan people globally, that is not connected to modern technology that was created by non-Afrikan nations to watch, spy and monitor the movements of Afrikan people.

23) How to have control of yourself (including your behaviour, your thoughts, your actions kwk) as an Afrikan person and not direct your anger, rage, insecurities, self hatred or low self esteem at other Afrikan people. This may not be seen as a nation building skill to many of us, but our dsyfunctional and mentacidal behaviour towards one another is one of the main reasons for the lack of global Afrikan power! We must learn to build our character through actively engaging in self healing. If you are angry about your condition or circumstance, go find a punching bag or talk to an Afrikan therapist!~Let’s BE REAL!!

24) How to identify what foods can be eaten raw and which foods cannot be eaten raw.

25) How to build economic partnerships and alliances within the Afrikan world in order to revive and restore the legacy of Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility) & Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)= Abibifahodie!



26) How to build heterosexual Afrikan unions, (even in the midst of yurugu domination) between sistas and brothas. We must be able to create and sustain healthy mate relationships among one another, we must be able to show one another love and express our deepest emotions without fear, and we must prevent this system from turning us against one another. If we cannot do this then we cannot build a nation. PERIOD. This is a very important nation-building skill, because without the unity of the heterosexual Afrikan man and woman, nationhood can Never be possible.

Our unions must result in marriage, a stable family unit (that can resolve conflict when it arises) and the birth of many beautiful 9ether children to continue Our divine legacy in this world. Inter-racial unions (with ANYONE that is not a melanated Afrikan) are the beginning of the GENOCIDE of the Afrikan nation and anyone involved in such ancestral treason, should refrain from community work until they are prepared to leave their non-Afrikan mate behind.

27) How to identify when you need emotional, spiritual or psychological assistance or help due to any issue you may be facing. ALL of us are severely traumatized in a multitude of ways, due to our condition of having to live in a system of yurugu domination, for so long. Our trauma is not only individual, it is inter-generational, all of the wounds of our ancestors have been passed down to us for us to carry. This is a very heavy burden to bear. Some of us are soo traumatized and disturbed that we require extra assistance in Our healing. It is our duty to identify the level of trauma we are at and also to define the methods of healing we will engage in.

All of us are severely traumatized, some of us even beyond repair. Therefore, all of us must seek out healing modalities that will assist us in the process of becoming whole again. Engage in activities you love to do with other Afrikans, go out to a reggae club and dance the night away or travel to troical locations where you can be surrounded with ONLY Afrikan people. Moving towards nation-building without engaging in self healing at the same time, is very dangerous for ones’ well being and can also result in a multitude of health problems as well as spiritual disorders (called “psychiatric disorders” in the yurugu way of thinking). We must all actively engage in spiritual healing and cleansing from the toxicity of “white supremacy” as we nation-build. One cannot be done without the other, because yurugu domination still exists and having to live under this type of demonic system is a sickness in and of itself.

28) How to communicate with Afrikan people, with respect, honor, joy, humility and even reverence (YES i said reverence). The very fact that we are still here is even a miracle so how we communicate with each other is very important. Your communication shows who you really are, if you say you love Afrikan people it should show in the way you treat Afrikan people. Don’t be a hypocrite because it WILL show!

Written by: Kentake Malopenza


9 Responses to “Nation building skills for the Afrikan family!”

  1. Reblogged this on Black Survival and commented:
    This is a great post! Well written and very informative. Thank you!

    • Yenni aseda (no need for thanks) Brotha Kushite Prince! I will be adding to the list as time goes on, so please check back to see the changes that have been made, on a weekly basis. If you or any other Afrikans you know are interested in learning How to develop these skills in an indigenous community, please visit my website, to find out more about the work that the Akoma Ntoaso Family is involved in, in rural Jamaica. If you would like further information, do not hesitate to contact Us at We are also on facebook as “Akoma Ntoaso Tours and Products”. Abibifahodie!

      • Thanks,I really appreciate that. I think you’re doing a great service to our people with this information. I think this is very constructive. I will definitely pass this information along to others. I’m not on Facebook but I am on Twitter. Do you have a Twitter account? And thanks for the email.

      • You’re very welcome, once again. I am only doing my part, and i could do so much more if i received more support and cooperation from Our people. Please do pass the info along to other Afrikans, where-ever they might be in the world. Akoma Ntoaso is a family support network based in rural Jamaica, and many Afrikans on our team have the skills mentioned in this article. I was able to compile this list, by simply watching what they do on a daily basis! And i truly know that it will be greatly beneficial to Afrikans in the west to learn these skills in a community that still lives in harmony with Our ancestral ways. I do have a twitter account, just not sure of the info to log in, as i have not used it in so long! Will send it to you when i figure it out, lol. Peace and Black Power to you.

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  3. Sooo powerful of U 2 share this valuable information for our Afrikan Family. Your Maat is showing in so many ways, it is Nefer/Beautiful!!! The Kentakes, Nzinghas & Yaa Asantewas are proud that you are continuing their legacies of sustenance & survival. May we have a million of you to carry us onward in Njia (The Way)!!!

    • Mo dupe pupo (thanks very much) Iya Adjua! Your encouragement, support and sistahood is a great contribution to the work that i/We must continue to do. Our Unity in the face of this never-ending brutality against Afrikan people, is the strongest element of Afrikan Resistance and Survival! I am a reflection of you just as you are to me. Ase ooo!


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