Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Asase Yaa is calling Her children….

The land is our ancient source of wealth,

From time immemorial, it has been our richness, our pride and our strength,

Now we sell it to the highest bidder, the ones with the fattest pockets and the most recessive genes,

They are now the “legal guardians” of our ancestors’ most intimate dreams,

Daughters of Mama Sekhmet continue to ask ourselves WHY?,

Why do we continue to allow our ancestors to cry-at our self inflicted demise?,

Are we not the ones who call the enmy to our shores, Begging and pleading with them to stay with us some more?,

Calling them to visit our homes, learn our secrets and feast on our delicious cuisine, while they plot and plan the destruction of our future seeds?,

We, who overstand the dilemna we face, have a great and serious duty before us, which we must fully embrace,

mandeville country

land is the economy

zim country

Daughters of Mama Sekhmet, Oya, Osun, Oba, Yemoja, Olokun, is this the memory of Nubian wombmanhood we want to leave our daughters and sons?,

A legacy that teaches them to turn the other cheek-one that teaches our children we must accept defeat?,

We must listen to the voice of our ancestors callung us to take back our lands, take back our forests, take back our watersources, take back our sacred secrets-from the grip of our enemies that lurk at every corner,

Waiting like vampires to suck our blood, drain our life force and turn us into walking zombies on a rampage to fulfill their demonic world vision,

As the daughters of Asase Yaa, nurturing and protecting the earth is our responsibility and obligation,

Even the fear of death should not stop us from completing our mission,

It is our birthright to claim ownership of all that is rightfully ours,

We know that the land, the sun, the water, the moon and the stars is our inheritance from the most primordial foremothers, from whose womb we ALL came-each of whom rule over natural elements-we must remember them, honor them and invoke them by name,


Everywhere we turn, there is another enemy taking advantage of our complete ignorance, naivety and buffoonery,

As many of us run away from our indigenous lands, they run right IN,

Making sure that they remind us of how the “land of plenty” is going to ensure that we gain an abundance of riches and financial prosperity!,

But why is it that when we gone they are moving in our home?,

Stealing our bauxite, mining our cobalt and uprooting sacred burial sites to build mansions to live in when they get old?,

And while we proudly proclaim “Canada ah my home now!! Mi luv it ere! Wha mi ah guh back home fa?”

Every non-Afrikan genetically recessive yurugu in north america, europe and asia has already made their plans to remove generations of Nubians from their ancestrally inherited indigenous lands in Afrika, the Caribbean and Central/South America,

It’s really not “all good” like we often fool ourselves into believing and there is absolutely no reason to “just relax”,


This is WAR in every sense of the word,

We, the daughters of Asase Yaa are being called forward to reclaim our indigenous lands and ensure that the ownership and inheritance of our homelands is returned to Nubian hearts and hands,

And our ancestors really don’t care about conscious lectures that produce no results, sorry ass excuses or emotionally charged debates,

What really matters is that we redevelop our indigenous communities into centers of commerce among Afrikan nations, return to living in true harmony with nature and remove all enemies from within our midst,


For Maat can never be restored in our nation  until we rid ourselves of this living nightmare called “integration”,

It is integration that has us selling our soul and trading the wealth of Asase Yaa for this imaginary yellow brick road “paved” with yurugu’s priceless gold,

Interestingly enough, no one has found the yellow brick road yet!,


What we fail to remember is Dorothy is not “our beloved friend” leading us to “eternal paradise” in the west,

The Wizard of Oz is not real and neither is the North American “dream”,

So are we stuck in an illusion we ourselves have created as a means to survive?,

Living the legacy of Sankofa is the only way for us to truly thrive….


Written by: Kentake Malopenza


*No one is authorized to republish this poem, online or offline, without the authors’ permission*



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