Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Afrikan Education, OUR way…..

“Our children must know, and we must remind ourselves of the difference between Afrikan education and that which simply purports to be African education – particularly that offered by charter schools or other such operations funded or conducted, and thereby controlled, by Non-Afrikan organizations, corporations or governments.Though some brothers and sisters in these programs are well-intentioned, and some of these programs may display Afrikan symbolism, use our vocabulary, and justifiably boast of `academic achievement, ‘ `character education,’ and the like – even `pride in our heritage’ – a fundamental, incontrovertible difference exists between these sometimes `Afrikan-themed’ institutions and `Afrikan [centered]’ institutions… That fundamental difference lies in our purpose.

As we move forward we must advance that purpose and stop comparing ourselves to other schools. We are not other schools. We are teaching something we have been taught against learning. We are not just teaching our students about Afrika – we are teaching them to be Afrikan.

More specifically, we are preparing workers and warriors to re-establish Righteous Living and full Afrikan Sovereignty. We are not teaching our watoto to become patriotic citizens of America or any other non-Afrikan, anti-Afrikan polity or assemblage. In fact, we are teaching them just the opposite. Charter schools cannot say that, nor can they do that. It is unlikely (read: not possible) that an American government (or its subsidiary state or local governments or corporate affiliates) would fund an operation teaching children to be the opposite of itself. Simply put, if it doesn’t meet the strictures of the plantation, the non-Afrikan will not fund it. If it does meet the strictures of the plantation, it’s not Afrikan education anyway.”

Sanyika Anwisye
“CIBI’s Work”
(Council of Independent Black Institutions)


One Response to “Afrikan Education, OUR way…..”

  1. Absolutely this is way we have to take our children’s education into our own hands and stop looking for the enemies validation. There is no reason why we should home school our children into the their corporations we should be grooming our children into Nation builders, interning our youth into Black Owned and operated business and tradesmen! Our lives depend on it.


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