Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Mass Confusion!

“Our confusion began, in depth, and destructively, with our forced removal and relocation from our continent to alien lands, alien Spirits, and alien practices. That disruption did not destroy our connectedness nor interrupt our continuing quest for an ongoing, regenerating spiritual alignment, an empowering. Nor did displacement obliterate our basic understanding of our connectedness, but it did interfere in significant ways with how strongly the group would eventually value or not value unity.”

Mari Evans
Clarity as Concept

Even though we as adults are having a very difficult time understanding and living the concept of Umoja among ourselves, our children are able to embrace one another and live harmoniously at a moments’ notice. They learn the conditioning of separatism, egotism and individualism from Us at a young age. In many ways, we teach them how to act like yurugu as a “survival mechanism”, as we think this is what they need to do to be able to maneuver their way through white supremacy.

We show them through our own actions, how to alienate themselves from their indigenous culture, their values & their extended family-other Pan-Afrikan people. We teach them mistrust, fear and contempt, but we do not see it. Sometimes, we do this, without even knowing it. It is severe psychotic conditioning that has been passed down to us by our own parents and we have no idea at times how deeply imbedded the insanity has become.

What that tells me is that We need to learn from them as much as they need to learn from Us! We need to allow them to embrace the spirit of the Egungun because really, many of us have lost the ability to “keep it real” in the most important ways. Keep that in mind and remember we must never force our conditionings upon them because they did not incarnate into this life as Afrikan children to be alien to themselves….Let them BE who they ARE.

Sista Kentake.


2 Responses to “Mass Confusion!”

  1. Oppression itself creates the condition of inauthenticity.


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