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The Purpose of Akoben Institute

Mama Yaa and Baba Mwalimu discuss the purpose of their school ~ Akoben Institute. I consider myself to be a lifelong student of these warrior scholars, Mwalimu Baruti and his wife Yaa Baruti. Their wisdom teaching and ancestral guidance has truly helped me to develop as an indigenous Afrikan teacher and parent. I strongly encourage all of you to order Baba Baruti’s books and to study the works of this warrior family as much as you can. All those who commit themselves to the study of their righteous elders, will gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding and shall surely receive the divine power that is necessary for Afrikan sovereignty to become a reality.


2 Responses to “The Purpose of Akoben Institute”

  1. Afrikan god. As long as we stay brainwashed by the colonial master’s instThe sovereignty of Afrika will only be achieved if we Afrikans came to terms with the Godly fact that we have to undergo a spiritual and intellectual conquest to lay down the tenets of Afrika’s social political conquest. However much we try, the shortest route we are talking cant get as to the highest peak of the mountain of freedom unless we take the stairs up this Afrikan Mount Sinai. We have to go back to the drawing board to understand that a spiritual and intellectual conquest will be never be realized so long as the Afrikan masses who are the consumer intelligence in this scenario keep interpreting the Afrikan idea from the imperial master’s mirror; which is his language, a powerful instrument of social cohesion. The major colonial powers on the continent namely France, Britain and Belgium have control over Afrikan nations and will still control us just because they succeed in planting their language in our minds permanently that however much we try, we will always interpret and see what is next door and Afrikan through the colonial master’s mirror. We first have to liberate Afrika from the colonial master’s thought, idea formation and control of thought if we ever dream of coming up with ideas which are Afrikan and not alien. The Biblical Jacobin’s fell victim of cultural and historical distortion in the plains of seir for forty good years without reaching the promised land for the single sin of courting Esau’s language, culture, traditions and believes and it is the very sin that so God plug out the tribes of Dan and Naphtali and stop them from reaching the promised land (Freedom and Liberty)

    The reason why Afrika have failed to attain a spiritual and intellectual conquest is simply because it has taken us so long to liberate the Afrikan minds from the former colonial master. Like the Biblical Jacob, we just have to shake off the colonial master’s exoskeleton (His Language and instrument of social control, thought and idea formation) and seek one unifying Afrikan language derived from Afrikan environment, culture, traditions, beliefs and one understood by Afrikan god and not allien lower gods,, there will never be a linkup

    All revolutions world over are sown on the foundation of language; the American revolution, Russian socialist revolution, the French revolution whose driving force was ligalite, liberter, fraternite are all build on the powerful control of peoples thought language.

    Kick out the colonial master’s languages in Afrika and you will have started a sure road to correcting the Afrikan idea. The Afrikan trajectory is in the wrong direction. The Afrikan political and social elites have sold the Afrikan child to the sins of bowing to lower allien gods instead of those gods who are close and Afrikan; and for that sin, the Afrikan child is perishing for the sins he is not responsible off.

    I wish your esteemed organization could sponsor works which are geared towards correcting the Afrikan idea like this book below

    “The Great Conspiracy, The Black gods of Afrika”,, or which i self published because i did have finances to publish but it has what it takes to correct the Afrikan idea. This is the Vaccine to the appaling Afrikan problem. I just wish i could get support to publish it but it is a scatching attact on Afrika’s creative and recreative intelligence never told before. I t draws Afrika right from the exodus from the cruel hands of the colonial pharaoh and which are the sins that have made Afrika go round and round the hilly country of lancaster as Bibilical israelis went around the hilly country of seir for the same sins for 40 proverbial years. It points out the developments being undertaken by Afrika’s young generation in their effort to preach Afrikan cultural conservation and their efforts to curve out their own Afrikan language notably BONGO MOVIE INDUSTRY IN TANZANIA, NIGERIAN NOLLYWOOD AND GHANIAN.

    The Afrikan revolutionary drums have started beating on Mount Kilimanjaro, cape mountains, mount kenya, Ethiopian islands, Amahoro mountains, the Congo forest, the coast of Nigeria and Accra and the Afrikan creative and creative intelligence should get out of the colonial master’s blankets and see.
    Author:The Great Conspiracy, The Black gods of Afrika


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