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Black Mother Starves Baby & Dumps her in the Trash

Black Mother Starves Baby & Dumps her in the Trash

Many of Us as Afrikan people are very afraid of looking at Ourselves and reluctant to see the Demons within Us as a people. In the past few weeks, i have seen and heard of many horrific stories of mothers, fathers and grandparents abusing, murdering, beating to death and molesting their children and grandchildren. I have personally had to take some time to reflect on this information in silence. I have been absent here at Umkhonto We Sizwe for a few days because of this reason.

The pain and suffering of Our children concerns me and causes me distress. This Must Be a time of reflection for Us now. The severe trauma of Our children is a sign to Us that we have LOST, DISCARDED and ABANDONED our laws, values and order as a people because at the center of Our values is the protection and nurturing of Our families, especially Our children. We are a race of people who have willingly chosen to Deny that we are deeply sick, demented and psychopathic and it is now evident in Our actions towards one another and Our children. We do have control over our behaviour, thoughts and actions towards one another. We must master ourselves in order to become whole and complete divine people again, in order to Destroy Isfet and ReStore Maat.

We are consistently battling internally with Our yurugu psychosis, but so many of us do not know that we have this dis-ease. Those of us who are ignorant of this truth, terrorize other people with our own unacknowledged pain and oftentimes Our children become the innocent victims. We have enemies without and we also have them within. We must stop lying to Ourselves or we will create a new generation of monsters who will hate Us and despise themselves. As the Yoruba proverb says “The enemy without cannot harm you if the enemy within has been defeated”. Let the wisdom of Our divine ancestors guide Us out of this madness, ignorance and denial.


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