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And Even in Death Our Children are Mocked!!

And Even in Death Our Children are Mocked!!

Please read this article in completion brothas and sistas, so You can See for Yourself how Trayvon Martin is being ridiculed, mocked and made fun of even though he was murdered in cold blood, even though he was innocent, even though he was not guilty of any crime….interesting indeed that even in death Our children are still being tormented, insulted and tainted. For those of you who do not live in the West, this is Your Wake Up Call. FYI: This is Not the “land of milk and honey” and Black people here do not live in “paradise”.


We struggle to protect the lives of Our families and children just as much as other Afrikan people in various parts of the world do. The fact remains that Being a young Black child anywhere in the world means that you will have to be protected, nurtured and loved by your family, your extended family & your community, because this is not a job that Black parents should ever have to do by themselves. Our children are under consistent and unrelenting attack, and the sooner we realize that we must create a protective circle of sincere, loving and concerned family & community members around them, the better off ALL our lives will BE. Until then….please Ensure that Our children are Safe in the hands of All those who you entrust to care for them.


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