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The Push to Legalize Pedophilia

The Push to Legalize Pedophilia

Please Read this article in full & open Your Eyes, Ears, Mind & Spirit to the Reality that We are at War and the first attack is on Our children. The question is: Will we continue to allow them to be casualties of War?


2 Responses to “The Push to Legalize Pedophilia”

  1. This article is from 2007… 5 years ago. Can you imagine how much further they have gone with this sickness since then?

    I can’t read all of it because the rage within me will only make the pain that I am feeling right now worse.

    Pedophiles make me want to KILL. Period. No questions asked once guilt is proven. Done.

    I have to take it to the power of prayer or else…

    It won’t be pretty otherwise.

    • Htp sista Selassie,
      You know i hear yooou!!….and i am just speechless right now. Been like that since i read this article. I don’t know what it is going to take to make Our people realize that the psychopathic society we live in is literally going to destroy us & Our children if we do not develop a plan for Our inter-generational protection & survival. After all the evidence has been presented as well as over 500 yrs of terror we have faced, many of us still claim that global Afrikan genocide is a “conspiracy theory”….I just don’t have All the words to express how i really feel.

      Much of the attack on Afrikan people is internal as well, as you know, and we are seeing an alarming rise in pedophiles in the Black communities of the diaspora. It’s almost like it’s normal now to molest and sexually violate children, just a part of “regular” life in the west i guess, right? WTH?? There is no agenda on how to deal with these demonically possessed vampires and it is a discussion we so often choose to ignore. That makes it so much worse for Our children. So when all is said and done we are left with taking matters into Our own hands as parents, as the ones who hurt the Most when Our children are being violated in this way. No one wants to say it, but WE Know that protection for Our children must be ensured.

      Sista Kentake.


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