Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Cultural amnesia is the DIS-ease of the Afrikan family

“Simply because We choose to forget a traumatic event, simply because we choose NOT to learn of a traumatic history and a history that may make Us feel ashamed, does not mean that that history is NOT controlling Our behavior. Simply because We don’t know our history, and may have NOT heard of it, does NOT mean that the history does NOT control Our behavior.

One of the most profound things that we’ve learned in psychology is that the Most powerful forces that shape human behavior Are those factors that are consciously NOT remembered by human beings, that are unknown by the person, are those experiences the individual can swear he’s NEVER had. That is One of the paradoxes of human behavior, that the very things that shape Us and make us behave the way we do, see the world the way We see it and relate to people the way We relate to them, are those things that occurred in OUR lives at points We cannot remember Or recall.”

Baba Amos N. Wilson~


One Response to “Cultural amnesia is the DIS-ease of the Afrikan family”

  1. I believe that is from his book, falsification of the black consciousness, and yet, did he really need to say that, seen as logically, if a system is founded upon injustice, the legacy of that system will see that criminal institutions maintain the oppression.


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