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New Afrikan HolyDays to Restablish in Our families

Maadwo (good evening) brothas and sistas,
Here is a basic list i have compiled of New Afrikan HolyDays that we should be collectively celebrating as Afrikan families, parents, grandparents and educators worldwide. WE must REvive and REstore Our True Sacred Ancestral Days, and observe them as a family with Our children every yr.

I encourage you all to implement these Afrikan HolyDays in your school curriculum, daycares, afterschool programs or summer schools kwk. Please feel free to add to the list (in the comments section) and share with friends and family:

Omowale Malcolm X
Earthday: May 19, 1925

Ohemma Araminta Ross
(aka Harriet Tubman)
Earthday: January 29,1820

The Right & Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Earthday: August 17, 1887

Ohemma Ida B. Wells Barnett
Earthday: July 16, 1862

Baba Zumbi dos Palmares Day
(Afrikan-Brazilian Maroon warrior)
November 20th

Summer solstice
June 21st

Winter solstice
December 21st

Baba Jean Jacques Dessalines
(Leader of Ayitien Revolution)
Earthday: September 20, 1758

Ohemma Amy Jacques Garvey
(Pan-Afrikanist writer, activist and wife of The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey)
Earthday: December 31, 1895

Baba Khalid Abdul Muhammad
Earthday: January 12, 1948

Ndugu Nat Turner
Earthday: October 2, 1800

Imogene Elizabeth Dixon
(aka Imogene “Queenie” Kennedy)
*Kumina priestess and upholder of ancient Kongo tradition in Jamaica*
Earthday: February 8, 1928
Transition: March 10, 1998

Pan-Afrakan Womens’ Day
July 31st/established in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Afrika in 1962
*A Great Alternative to the Western holiday of “Mothers day”*

Ena Mary Ann Shadd
Earthday: October 9, 1823

Queen Mother Moore
Earthday: July 27, 1898

Ceremonie Bwa Kayiman (the VODUN ceremonie that preceeded the Ayitien revolution)
August 14, 1791

Baba Patrice Lumumba
(President of the Kongo)
Earthday: July 2, 1925

Baba Thomas Sankara
(Pan-Afrikanist and former President of Burkina Faso)
Earthday: December 21, 1949

Baba Ahmed Sekou Toure
(President of Guinea)
Earthday: January 9, 1922

Baba Akwasi Agyeman
(aka Dr. John Henrik Clarke)
Earthday: January 1, 1915
Transition:July 17, 1998.

Amistad Uprising
(on the death ship of the Maafa)
June 30th,1839
This uprising was led by Sengbe Pieh, who was a family member of the Mende ppl of Sierra Leone.

*He was later “renamed” Joseph Cinque, he returned to Sierra Leone in 1842, to meet civil war in his country.*

Stono Rebellion
September 9, 1739
Maafa revolt in South Carolina, U.S.A.

Morant Bay Rebellion
October 11, 1865
Insurrection led by Paul Bogle in the town of Morant Bay, St.Thomas, Jamaica

*This took place after the emancipation proclamation in Jamaica in which Afrikans were declared “free” however, extreme conditions of poverty and a harsh economic reality in Jamaica led Paul Bogle and others to respond in this way*

Bussa’s Rebellion
Maafa Revolt in Barbados
(eastern Caribbean island)
April 14,1816

Aset Day
(vernal equinox)
March 21

Ndugu Fela Kuti
(Nigerian musician/activist)
Earthday: October 15, 1938

Ohemma Fannie Lou Hamer
Earthday: October 6, 1917

Baba Maurice Bishop
(Politician/revolutionary of Grenada, an eastern Caribbean island)
Earthday: May 29, 1944
Transition: October 19, 1983


3 Responses to “New Afrikan HolyDays to Restablish in Our families”

  1. Meda ase for this list! I am all for ousting euro helidays and incorporating our own sacred-days; been in the practice of doing this for years and ready to include more.

    Last night, my husband, who is a direct descendant of Dessalines, found out by your list that he and Dessalines birthday were on the same day- he was VERY ECSTATIC and in awe about that!

    I just saw a post from Heru-ka Anu that the summer solstice (on June 20th) is also the “African New Year”.


    • Htp Sista Njideka!,
      Yenni aseda me nua. So your husband is a direct descendant of Dessalines? WOOOOW!!! & Born on the same day too, what an amazing thang to find out! I would love to know more about the sacred days you observe in your family too, as i am aware that there are more important dates for Afrikan people that i do not know at this time.

      Ampa (very tru), the summer solstice is Our New Year and this is what i recently found out as well. I know that the Ausar Auset community celebrates it on June 21st, and i learned from them the importance of the summer solstice and what it means to Us as Afrikan people. Mo dupe for sharing Yeye, and Asante for the support! O dabo.

      Sista Kentake.

      • Our mutual Sista-friend, Sis Nicole, from Bermuda STAYS ON TOP of our Afri-diasporan holi-days and other Afri-family rituals. She has inspired/encouraged me on both the holiday and homeschooling tip for many years now.
        Here in Indy, a small circle of us celebrate (consistently) Kwanzaa, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, & Malcolm X/African Liberation Celebration.


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