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Global Day of Grieving for Children of the Maafa (great disaster)

“When we lose a loved one to death or end a long-term relationship, it is perfectly normal to grieve. We must honor and recognize each stage of the grief and every emotion we have. When we do not grieve, we get stuck. We owe it to ourselves and the memory of the relationship to grieve and cleanse our soul.
-Iyanla Vanzant

It is time for Afrakan people (aka Black people) to establish a National Day of Grieving for Children of the Maafa.
The Nananom Nsamanfo (divine ancestors) can’t help us if they haven’t been grieved. Afrakan people are in a time when we need the help, guidance, counsel and intervention of Our Nananom Nsamanfo more than ever before.

WE Must take the time to acknowledge that WE MUST RELEASE OUR GRIEF, EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS, CONCERNS & FEARS from this inter-generational trauma that has been plaguing OUR minds, bodies and spirits for centuries! If we do not reserve a SPECIFIC time for OURSelves as Afrakan people to come together to remember and release from the memory of this experience then HOW can TRUE HEALING begin?! The point is, it cannot begin if we do not start the dialogue.

Come join us in a grief ritual for Our Nananom Nsamanfo (divine ancestors) who fought, struggled and died in the Maafa at the St.Lawrence River, later on we will be going to the Old Port as well, to remember and honor the spirit of Our Egungun (divine ancestors). Remember the ones who died, remember their strength, their struggle, and their warrior spirit. For only by remembering and honoring the past can we really understand the present and transform Our future.

*This is going to be a spiritual gathering for Afrikan people ONLY (no “others” are permitted to be present so plz do not bring them), libation will be poured and offerings to Iya Yemoja will be made at the St. Lawrence river. Please contact me, Mama Kentake at to confirm your attendance.*

Friday, June 15, 2012
2pm until…..9pm

*For those of you who are available in the evening, We will be having a collective dinner at RESTAURANT AFRODIZIAC, a beautiful Ghanaian restaurant situated at 757 Jean Talon West, after this spiritual gathering. You can check out their website here-*

This Global Day of Grieving for Children of the Maafa is an International Afrikan holiday and is also being observed by MANY Afrikan people in various parts of the globe. It is also being honored in these following places on the SAME date:

Cincinnati, Ohio
Scarborough, Tobago
Brooklyn, New York
Orlando, Florida
Ghana, West Afrika
London, United Kingdom
New Orleans, Louisiana
Montgomery, Alabama
Greensboro, North Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida
Washington, District of Columbia
McDonough, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Dallas, Texas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
St. Louis, Missouri
Maisons-Alfort, France
—New Jersey
Lebanon, Tennessee
Germany, Europe
Kenya, East Afrika
Seneca, South Carolina
Blue Fields beach, Jamaica
and ofcourse Montreal, Quebec/Canada!!


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