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Afrikan Liberation Day in Birmingham, England

Afrikan Liberation Day in Birmingham, England on June 3rd & 4th….Please 4ward to ALL the Afrikan contacts, organizers and/or brothas and sistas you know in various parts of Europe. Functional Afrikan Unity should be a GLOBAL reality for Us by Now, after all it IS 2012 right? (acc. to the gregorian calendar!). If you have not started to do so already, please begin networking and building alliances (online/offline) with Afrikan people in ALL parts of the world.

Our families & children will benefit from the understanding that the Afrikan Community covers the whole globe and not just their “district” or “neighbourhood”. Indeed, Afrika is where-ever WE reside, and it is better to show Our children this in Our actions, rather than just in words and books. I hope those of you in England will attend this event. Meda ase.


One Response to “Afrikan Liberation Day in Birmingham, England”

  1. glad to see this. I cannot remember the other places where they will hold this event, but in London at least, on the 26th (in memory of both Minister Malcolm and Marcus Mosiah), there will be a rally starting at Hyde Park, and continuing to 3pm, which will feature Doreen Lawrence (mother of the the victim of white supremacy, Steven Lawrence, who finally got a scrap of justice after 19 years… *pish*) has more information.

    Afterwards, we have the following event, straight after:

    Saturday May 26th at Chestnuts community Centre in Tottenham, N15 5BN
    3PM SHARP – 8PM

    btw, I received the flyer for the event above by an email from Cecil Gutzmore



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