Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

We MUST Be Honest with Ourselves….

“For those of us who DARE to be honest with Ourselves, we must quickly align Our political and economic objectives and Our work with the true desire of Our hearts. We desire, with passion, to be free and masters of Our Own fate. We betray Ourselves and Our Ancestors when we settle for what others prescribe for us. The Ancestors cannot bless us if we will not acknowledge the natural desire within us to have Our Own, to defend Our Own, and to have no master but Our collective selves.

Hekema Kanyama

(Reposted via the “Revolutionary Daily Thoughts” yahoo group by Jegna Mwalimu Baruti)


3 Responses to “We MUST Be Honest with Ourselves….”

  1. I have heard it said that “TRUTH” was the FIRST ‘casualty’ in War. For US to ‘counter’ that….HONESTY OR TRUTH MUST BE TOLD!….’and let it begin with M.E.’!

    • Ase ooo Mama Earth! Meda ase pa ara for sharing and supporting Our divine ancestral Truth here at Umkhonto We Sizwe. Indeed, it begins with you, me, and MUST continue with, US. Ingeta!!


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