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What is the future of the Afrikan nation?

Afrikans, We must wake up. We have slept too long and retreated far longer than necessary. Parents and grandparents must cease enrolling their children in public schools that are designed to expand criminal institutions that benefit the oppressor’s children…. It is time to realistically plant the seed of liberation. Build Our own, for Our own and within Our own. Brothers and sisters, we have almost run out of time….If we don’t have a sovereign nation by 2050 what will be our destiny? Extinction by Assimilation, Genocide or Mental/Physical Enslavement?

Mama Nobantu

(Reposted via the “Revolutionary Daily Thoughts” yahoo group by Jegna Mwalimu Baruti)


4 Responses to “What is the future of the Afrikan nation?”


  2. You are so correct. I am hoping to get more African families in my area to homeschool as well, but it has been a difficult task.

  3. I understand the dilemna you face Sista Mary, as i too am facing the same problem with Our people here. Afrika is the present, past and future Sista Tima. However, as the above statement has addressed, we have serious nation rebuilding work to do as a people and most of us do not want to embrace & accept our own personal responsibility in that process.

    Sista Kentake.

  4. The first step towards rebuilding us as a nation of people is knowledge of self. And many of us have no idea what that means.


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