Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Yoruba Theology for Our Children

Afrikan spirituality has always been an enormous part of Indigenous education for Our Children. So whether you are a devout Black Christian, Muslim, Nation of Islam member, 5%er, Nawubian, Moor, Rastafarian kwk…whether you Honor & Live the Sacred Spiritual Practices of the Ifa/Orisa tradition, the Kemetic tradition, the Abosomfie tradition or the Palo Mayombe tradition…

Whatever spiritual path you may be on OR not on, We Must ALL recognize & acknowledge that it is imperative that Our children overstand that they are divinely connected to Onyame/Olodumare/Chukwu/Ntr/Nzambi wa Mpungu/Jah/the Supreme Creator kwk, and that this IS a crucial component of Afrikan centered education and curriculum.

In ALL of our indigenous cultures this IS really the BASE of Our education. Our children must also overstand that they are also connected to their Ori (indwelling divinity), to Our Orisa/Abosom/Ntru (spiritual guardians), to Our Egungun (divine ancestors), to Onile/Asase Yaa (Mother Earth) and by extension of this they are also connected to ALL Afrikan people worldwide, through their spiritual and genetic lineage.

Regardless of Our personal beliefs, non-beliefs, doubts or prejudices against Afrikan spirituality We Must overstand that it is our obligation to introduce the concept of ancestral reverence, honor & respect to Our children. It is after all the ancestral realm (Asamando/Orun) that gave them to US & we should never be so disrespectful to Our divine ancestors that we allow Ourselves to forget that. Ase ooo.


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