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Preschoolers’ Homemade Lunch Replaced by School Officials

Preschoolers’ Homemade Lunch Replaced by School Officials

A preschoolers’ homemade lunch was confiscated in a North Carolina elementary school by a state agent who indicated that the students’ lunch, which was prepared by her mother, did not meet the state nutritional standards. This may very well become a normal and accepted practice in North American schools in the near future. Now that school officials are being given the right to confiscate homemade lunches prepared by parents at home, and replace it with whatever state sponsored meals they deem appropriate…..what does that tell us about the reality of the public school system today? Is this a safe and nurturing place for us to send our children to everyday for 6-8 hours daily? What message are we sending Our children when we hand them over to teachers and officials who will violate their human rights? Can it get any worse than This??


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