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A Short Introduction to Ifa-Orisa spirituality for Afrikan families

This documentary gives a brief introduction on the Ifa-Orisa tradition of the Yoruba people of Nigeria (it is also practiced in Benin, Togo & Cameroon as well as among the Afrikan diasporan communities of the Caribbean, South America and various parts of the North American diaspora). Ifa refers to the system of divination, which is governed by the diety Orunmila, and the verses of the literary corpus known as Odu Ifa.

For more information on Ifa-Orisa spiritual studies you can check this website, If you are also interested in more in depth study into the Ifa-Orisa tradition i would advise you all to purchase one of these books (or all if you can), which will give you much more detail on Our ancient spiritual tradition:

1) Fundamentals of Yoruba Religion (Òrìsà Worship) by Chief F.A.M.A.

2) Handbook of Yoruba Religious Principles by Baba Ifa Karade

3) Odù Ifá- the Ethical Teachings by Dr. Maulana Karenga

4) Black Gods- Òrìsà Studies In The New World by John Mason

5) Olódùmarè- God In Yoruba Belief by Bolaji Idowu


2 Responses to “A Short Introduction to Ifa-Orisa spirituality for Afrikan families”

  1. Good visuals and information. E se.

    • Bee ni Sis Njideka! The visuals are an essential part of understanding the Ifa/Orisa tradition and the wisdom of Baba Orunmila. I look forward to learning the Odu Ifa and also incorporating it into the Katiopa Watoto Shule program in the near future! O dabo.

      Sista Kentake.


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