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Afrikan language audio programs

Afrikan language audio programs

I recently ordered my Twi language program (audio) at this website for ONLY $20.00 U.S. It is a full Twi (West Afrikan language spoken by the Akan people of Ghana & Ivory Coast) language learning resource that teaches you the basics and beyond! They also have several other Afrikan language programs for sale including Swahili, Xhosa, Somali, Yoruba, Amharic & Zulu kwk kwk. This is a great homeschooling learning tool for our children as well!! Order YOURS Today!! It truly can’t get better than this Family!


2 Responses to “Afrikan language audio programs”

  1. E pele o! I really hope I’m not overlooking this, but I am a little tired. I don’t see the link to purchase the program.


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