Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

AYA Educational Institute

AYA Educational Institute

Mu Kanda is the name of our online learning space. Mu Kanda is Kikongo and it means “in the community.” We like to say: “in the AYA-Hood.” Mu Kanda offers:

Regular classes (with live instructor-to-students interaction) that meet over a period of weeks or months for 10-30 students

Community Lectures and Discussions where people register for a particular lecture/discussion or for a particular series
Online Tutoring where students and teacher interact with video, voice and shared writing boards
Internet Audio ( with self-paced quizzes and tutorials to reinforce learnings from speeches and music.

Online Learning is here to stay. Let Mu Kanda put you ahead.

AYA Educational Institute’s
International Home School

Don’t wait until they fall behind!

Enroll in AYA’s tutorial classes and let us help them to excel.

Already behind? Lost? No problem.

AYA’s approach is the SANKOFA approach. We help you go back and “fetch” the knowledge that you may have missed or may have never been taught. More than that, we help you go back and heal the learning injury that may impair your success.

Acceleration? Why wait? You know that your child will be expected to master Algebra by the 8th grade, but you don’t have to wait. Expose them to it early in the 6th or 7th grade. Once the fundamentals are down, you child is ready for Algebra no matter what age!

What about Language Arts? Good communication is essential. The ditches are all dug, the rails are all laid. The days when we could make a living with our hands are all but disappeared for us. What then for our children? They must have a mastery of this language and many languages. Mastery to use it to serve themselves and our people.



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