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Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

April 30, 2012

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, (written by John Steptoe) is a Southern Afrikan tale of two Afrikan sistas with strikingly different personalities and behaviours. Manyara & Nyasha are the daughters of Mufaro, but Manyara is selfish, spoiled and has bad character. On the other hand, Nyasha is kind, considerate, loving and lives in harmony with nature and […]

Katiopa Watoto Shule/ online Afrikan social studies program

April 30, 2012

Kiambote sistas & brothas, The Katiopa Watoto Shule (Afrikan childrens’ School) online Afrikan social studies program has been established so that Afrikan (black) children from all over the diaspora and the world will be able to meet and learn together, in the comfort of their own home, utilizing the tools of modern technology that we […]

A Short Introduction to Ifa-Orisa spirituality for Afrikan families

April 27, 2012

This documentary gives a brief introduction on the Ifa-Orisa tradition of Nigeria (also practiced in Benin, Togo, the Caribbean, South America and various parts of the North American diaspora). Ifa refers to the system of divination which is governed by the diety Orunmila and the verses of the literary corpus known as Odu Ifa.

For more information on Ifa-Orisa spiritual studies please purchase these books, which will give you much more detail on Our ancient spiritual tradition:

Fundamentals of Yoruba Religion (Òrìsà Worship) by Chief F.A.M.A.

Handbook of Yoruba Religious Principles by Baba Ifa Karade

Odù Ifá- the Ethical Teachings by Dr. Maulana Karenga

Black Gods- Òrìsà Studies In The New World by John Mason

Olódùmarè- God In Yoruba Belief by Bolaji Idowu

Yoruba Theology for Our Children

April 27, 2012

Afrikan spirituality has always been an enormous part of Indigenous education for Our Children. So whether you are Christian, Muslim, Nation of Islam, 5%er, Nawubu, Buddhist, Rastafari, Atheist kwk…whether you Honor & Live the Sacred Spiritual Practices of the Ifa/Orisa tradition, the Kemetic tradition, the Abosomfie tradition or the Palo tradition…whatever spiritual path you may be on or not on, just remember that it is imperative that Our children overstand that they are connected to Onyame/Olodumare/Chukwu/Ngai/Jah/the Creator kwk, and YES this is also a major part of Afrikan centered education.

In ALL of our indigenous cultures this IS the BASE of Our education. Our children must also overstand that they are also connected to their Ori, to Our Orisa/Abosom/Ntru, to Our Egungun, to Onile/Asase Yaa and by extension of that they are connected to ALL Afrikan people worldwide.

Regardless of Our personal beliefs, non-beliefs or prejudices against Afrikan spirituality we must overstand that it is our obligation to introduce the concept of ancestral respect, reverence and honor to Our children. It is after all the ancestral realm (Asamando/Orun) that gave them to US & we should never be so disrespectful to Our ancestors that we forget that. Ase ooo.

Katiopa Watoto Shule Black Child Pledge

April 27, 2012

This is the Afrikan Solidarity Pledge that i personally selected from the book “Sankofa: ReAfrikanization and the Art of War” written by Kwame Agyei Akoto and Nana Akua N. Akoto for Our younger Afrikan children to read together at the End of every Katiopa Watoto Shule session and/or tutorial. I suggest this pledge for Afrikan […]

Preschoolers’ Homemade Lunch Replaced by School Officials

April 27, 2012

Preschoolers’ Homemade Lunch Replaced by School Officials

A preschoolers’ homemade lunch was confiscated in a North Carolina elementary school by a state agent who indicated that the students’ lunch, which was prepared by her mother, did not meet the state nutritional standards. This may very well become a normal and accepted practice in North American schools in the near future. Now that school officials are being given the right to confiscate homemade lunches prepared by parents at home, and replace it with whatever state sponsored meals they deem appropriate…..what does that tell us about the reality of the public school system today? Is this a safe and nurturing place for us to send our children to everyday for 6-8 hours daily? What message are we sending Our children when we hand them over to teachers and officials who will violate their human rights? Can it get any worse than This??

Prince Jabari Akua of Afrikan Genesis Institute

April 26, 2012

Brotha Jabari Akua explains the mission of Afrikan Genesis Institute and the magnificent work they are doing with Our children here in the Afrikan diaspora. Support those of US who are committed to teaching Our children the Truth. After all, no one else will do it for Our children but US so therefore, we should not expect our educators and scholars to be able to sustain our independent institutions all on their own. Every community that truly loves and cares for its’ children helps to nurture and educate its’ children. We should know that we must do the same…..

Afrikan Genesis Institute

April 26, 2012

*(Please click your mouse over the photo and you will be able to see it more clearly)* “It’s Better to Build a Child than Repair an Adult” Make a tax deductible donation by sending your check or money order to:- African Genesis Institute P.O. Box 682 Glenside, PA 19038 For further information, please call toll […]

Afrikan OurStory for Black Children

April 24, 2012

You can order more Bino and Fino cartoons for Our children (btwn the ages of 3-5 yrs old) at This series introduces young Black children to the concept of colonialism, its damaging effects on Afrikan life and the timeline of “flag independence” amongst Afrikan nations. It is a good introductory format on colonialism for our babies. However, i highly suggest that older Black children be taught the full reality of colonial domination and the crippling effect it has had on the social and political development of the Motherland.

The Science of Melanin (for children)

April 24, 2012

The Melanin book and video was written and created by brotha Travis Blackman, from Toronto, Ontario. His website is Illustrations were done by brotha Aaron Hosannah. His website is