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Trayvon, Black boys and the Black Male Code

Trayvon, Black boys and the Black Male Code

Jesse Washington, a Black parent in America, expresses the necessity of teaching his son about white supremacy and how it manifests its’ terror against young Black males. He speaks on the fact that young Black males have to be taught early about white supremacy because they are seen as a threat and a nuisance by white America. He expresses the fact that this is necessary in wake of the brutal killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida. We should NOT wait until a Black boy is murdered to teach Our young sons (& daughters!) about white supremacy.

They must be informed & educated, at a very early stage of their lives, of the evil nature of white supremacy. This is a major part of Afrikan centered education for Us, teaching Our sons & daughters about the reality of what it means to be Afrikan in America and teaching them How, Why and When we came here, to these shores. As we educate Them about Our original process of forced “migration”, a process which relegated Us to the state of being treated as wild uncivilized beasts, and disposable cargo rather than hueman beings, they will understand Why there is so much brutality, anger and rage directed at Us, ALL over the diaspora & the world.

As we educate them that Our people were forcibly taken to North America, the Caribbean islands, South America, Europe and India (the TranSaharan Maafa) and that our conditions and treatment is still much the same in many of these places today, they will understand that the Maafa was the standard that was set by the world on how Afrikan people deserve to be treated as long as we are within the grasp of western society and influence.

They must understand What methods we must use for Our collective survival. They must understand that they Are under enemy lines. They must understand that many of their own brothas and sistas are so infected with the “virus” of self hatred that they will annihilate, abuse and even emotionally torture another Black person just because they despise their own image in the mirror. Do Not be afraid or timid to teach Our children the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth. Hiding the Truth from them is not only doing a dis-service to them and their community, it is also putting them in serious danger. Knowledge is power and when it is applied it becomes wisdom.

I offer my sincerest condolences to the family of Trayvon Martin, Ramarley Graham, Rekia Boyd, Vanessa Kirkland (murdered by police in Spanish Town, Jamaica) Aiyana Jones and all other Black men, boys, girls and women whose lives have been sacrificed on behalf of the continued advancement of Global white supremacy. I am very saddened that even though you all have died as martyrs to show Us how deeply psychopathic white supremacy Is, many of Us still believe that white supremacy does not even exist at all.

A very informing video on the reality that Black youth face in North America: White Supremacy/Racism Is Alive & Well in North America

I truly hope many others will not have to die after you in order for Us to come to the realization of what Is really going on with our people. I truly hope we can learn a deep lesson from your senseless deaths and realize the insanity that is within & around Us. We must seek transformation through the revival and application of Our sacred ancestral laws. We ask the Nananom Nsamanfo (divine ancestors) to seek vengeance upon All those who seek to brutalize & exterminate Afrikan people. Amandla Ngawethu…


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