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Ehwunah Afrikan Wearable Art, for US by US!

Introducing Ehwunah Afrikan Wearable Art! This is magnificently-made handmade jewellery coming out of London, U.K. by Our Sista Ehwunah Carayol who was born and raised in Gambia, West Afrika! She has a large collection of jewellery especially made with the Afrikan (black) family in mind, and she has also made a special collection for the Afrikan child!

These beautiful sterling silver bangles will make the perfect gift for Your daughters, nieces or cousins. The larger bangle is £85(Euro currency) & fits children aged 2 up to approx. 11 years old.

The smaller bangle is £69(Euro currency) and fits children from infancy up to approx. 9 years old.

IF you are interested in placing an order for these bangles please contact me directly at and i will inform you of how to make your order online (via paypal).

You can also check out Sista Ehwunah’s Afrikan Wearable Art page at facebook- Please let her know that Sista Kentake informed you about her page. Meda ase!


2 Responses to “Ehwunah Afrikan Wearable Art, for US by US!”

  1. Ehwunah work of art is a true blessings. I have travelled to many countries and have been notice by your unique work. Many people know of your work and others are just amazed at the quality.

    • Ampa (very tru) Sista Ehwunah’s works of art are truly an inspiration to many. Our sista Ehwunah is definitely blessed with the gift of artistic creation by our honorable ancestors. You can find her business page at facebook as “Ehwunah Afrikan Wearable Art”. O dabo.


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