Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Where is the village??

In Afrikan society children are invaluable; they are essential to the strength of the community. So, they must be honored. An environment must be created which is whole. The Kongo proverb says, “The child in the womb is a burden to one person; outside (born), it belongs to everybody in the community.” In our childhood, many of our grandmothers took care of us and other children.

There was NO need for daycare centers. Today, the elders and young people in the community are reluctant to become caretakers of children. They are even reluctant to express concern for children in the community. Many of us just don’t even care. This has social and economic impacts on our children who are part of the communities of the West. The government is now cutting off welfare for many mothers.

So, mothers must sometime find jobs that only pay minimum wage. These mothers sometimes cannot afford daycare at all or must choose among the worst daycares. Some mothers cannot afford to work because they must care for their children. And members of the community will not care for each others’ children if it is not their own, so today we see many mothers who are absolutely on their own.

When this happens, people usually expect mothers in the community to “figure your life out, it is not our problem”…..So let me ask if our children are not our problem NOW, will they become our problem when they are drug addicts?, when they are breaking into your new car or new home? or will they become our problem when they rob us at gunpoint? at what point do Black children become OUR problem???? OR is it ridiculous for me to even ask this question???

Essentially, the real question we must ask ourselves is: When did it become a greater burden for Black women to be with their children than to be without them?


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