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Public schools for Black children=Racial Suicide!

It should be painfully obvious to everyone by now that it is time to get ALL of our kids out of the government schools. The public school system in North America has been dramatically declining for a long time, and in most areas the public schools are open sewers at this point. Yes, there are some public schools that are still very good and that do a decent job of preparing our young people for their adult lives. But those good schools are the exception to the rule. Hopefully the school shooting that just happened in Ohio will be a wake up call to millions of parents out there.

Drugs, sex and violence are rampant in public schools today. The “teachers” are endlessly pushing specific political and social agendas down the throats of our children, and the skills that our children really need such as reading, writing and mathematics are often badly neglected. Hopefully we can get more parents educated about what is really going on in these schools. After all, why would any parents want to send their children into an environment that is going to be highly destructive for them for six to eight hours a day?

I have always said that I will home-school my children due to how government schools have a way of inculcating myths about race, history, and society. In fact, the whole idea of sending ones child to school at an early age is too create a nebulous account of facts that are used as an infrastructure for more lies. I agree that, the parents should be the primary component to their progeny’s education, but so much of the populace are busy running on the rat wheel, that it is convenient for them to let the government educate their offspring…wrong idea! The powers that be pay for what they want:a substandard, menial,and poor education. We, as a people, need to take responsibility and educate our children to eradicate the misappropriation of our history.

Article written by: Justin Horne (Afrikan american homeschooling parent)


12 Responses to “Public schools for Black children=Racial Suicide!”

  1. As a government school teacher, I agree with your advise of “it is time to get ALL of our kids out of the government schools.” I assume “ALL or our kids” means “Afrikan”. My advise to parents of all color is to invest in real education (self-education) which can not happen at govt schools. There simply is not enough time in the day. 6 hours of school, then homework (which is meaningless). The system is not designed to educate but to school and propagandize. Do you advocate for all or just “Afrikan”? Just curious. I’m interested in your views. TEV

    • Greetings Vigilante,
      Yes, “ALL of our kids” in this case refers to Afrikan (black) children. this blog page was dedicated to Afrikan centered parenting and education. Therefore, anyone who visits this page should know by the title that i am speaking directly to the needs of Afrikan children in the diaspora. i understand that Our children have needs that are specific to their worldview and culture.

      The educational history here in the western world is clearly one that excludes Afrikan people, our worldview and our history from its’ curriculum. In fact, in most academic institutions starting from primary school all the way to university, the evolution and social/political development of Afrikan people is basically non-existent in the curriculum that is being taught.

      With that said, it should be evident that the world of academia cannot have anything of value to teach Afrikan people and especially Our children. After all if we do not exist in their textbooks and academic centers of learning then WHY would we even feel they have the right to teach us to be leaders in the world economy?

      If someone feels that you are unimportant and non-existent the only thing they can teach you is to act as if you are unimportant and non-existent. And so far, i would say that Afrikan people have been doing a good job of that. The current public school system is detrimental to Afrikan children not only because of drugs, sex and violence but because of the fact that they are (and will continue to be) treated as if they are not even worthy of existence.

      Any Afrikan parent that accepts this type of “education” for their child must re-evaluate themselves and their values. We must acknowledge the fact that the current “education” Afrikan children receive is simply training in how to conduct themselves as inferior non-beings (with no culture, no social evolution and no history) whose only purpose is to serve others.

      And it is made all the much worse, when in the face of this passive aggression, they are also disrespected and bullied by their classmates and peers. In addition to that, while in school they are exposed to a multitude of dangers, even though we have been led to believe this is a place where they are “safe”.

      Afrikan people of the world know this is the Truth because we also received this type of “education” and we continue to conduct ourselves in a manner that states we have accepted an “inferior” status. After all we accept the term “visible minorities”. In the dictionary “minor” means “less, unimportant”. That sounds pretty clear to me! The quicker we face this dilemna and implement a way to change it for US, the better off we will all be.

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  3. I-M-Hotep-Black Power. Nub Ankah Re/Nuwaubian!

    • Abibifahodie! Uhuru Sasa brotha Nub Ankah Re! You will most definitely be hearing from me very soon! Asante sana for your interest and support! Htp.

    • I-M-Imhotep My Nubaina Family. I have two teenage boys that lives with there mother who is not conscientious at all. She prefers to stay under the hypnotic spell of re-legion. We separated and I have moved on. I want to home school them too, but no support form the mother!

      • Htp brotha Nub Ankah Re,
        I also offer consultant services for parents, grandparents and families that need advice, counsel or guidance on homeschooling or how to deal with situations such as yours. Trust me, i understand more than you know. Your children may not be conscious now, but i know in due time, they will come to you with interest and questions about their true identity. All things can be transformed with the support of community, contact me for more info at if you would like more information on my consultant services. Blessings and Prosperity to you and your children!

  4. Add this to john gatto and you have disaster ! Please save these children.

    • It takes a collective effort to do so, the will, the drive and the determination of parents, grandparents and Afrikan centered educators…it takes functional unity and cooperation to fulfill this mission. The question is: are We really that committed to our children to complete this task? or are we more concerned with daily survival and acquiring western symbols of wealth than we are with the protection and guardianship of our children? While living under white supremacy, and running the “rat race” for basic survival, how truly concerned are we about the well being of Afrikan children? I think our actions speak for itself.

  5. hey sis, another paramount topic!
    your views are soooo encouraging, you give me a sense of community despite your distance. thank you

    • Meda ase for the recognition sista. I appreciate knowing that sharing my experience has impacted another Afrikan woman somewhere in the world, and know that We Are Sistas regardless of the distance. Asante! (thank you) as well!!

      Sista Kentake.


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