Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

What we have become….

“Like chased animals frantically running to escape the visible corrals, we have been chased away from our traditions, our haven, our freedom. In fearful flight, we have run in every direction left open to us, not knowing that each direction, each escape route, carried us even more deeply and securely into the clutches of the european madness.

Each “escape” has been nothing but a delusion, enabling the hunter’s noose to pull itself ever more tightly around all memory of who we are as spiritually- grounded Afrikans. Because we thought they were sure escapes, with each misguided flight we became more comfortable with our distance from self and our transmogrification into an inferiorized alien being.”

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti
IWA: A Warriors Character


2 Responses to “What we have become….”

  1. How do we dig ourself back out of the hole?

    • Yenge my sista,
      How do we do it?! In my humble opinion, i believe that we must address our Own personal yurugu psychosis and mentacidal behaviour. We must acknowledge and admit that We have been trained to work in favor of our own cultural and spiritual annihilation. It takes alot of effort and energy to look at yourself and admit that you have been trained your whole life to function as a sick, deranged and mentally ill non-being. This is where it starts.

      Then when we acknowledge this illness, we are more able to “check ourselves” when we interact with other Afrikan people and stop ourselves in action when we are exhibiting sick demented behaviour towards one another, which we often do without even recognizing it. Afrikan people who acknowledge their sickness and are actually willing to heal from it, will naturally become connected to other Afrikans who are doing the same thing and this is how the collective healing process can start. Rituals, ceremonies and serious ancestral studies should be consistent activities in the lives of those of us who seek healing.

      And we must pass this healing tradition on to our children through the process of Afrikan centered education. True healing cannot take place when you are still in the grasp of those who created the trauma in the first place, which is another reason why we must build more educational institutions of our own and why we must REbuild the Afrikan village community. It all starts with the self in my opinion, because all of us have been trained and socialized to destroy ourselves and to reject who we are. The process of reversal must start with recognizing that each of us has an enemy within us. When that enemy is revealed, we must seek to dissect and destroy it.

      As we meet other Afrikans who seek to do the same and who are willing to go to great lengths to do so, we must build with these brothas and sistas….we learn to trust each other, we build relationships among each other, we get married!, we raise, educate and nurture our children Together, we build collectives and we reconstruct our village community, Together. In my opinion, this is the ONLY way we will survive this assault on the Afrikan mindy, body and spirit. I hope the information i provided here was helpful to you, sista. Meda ase!


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