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Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Katiopa Watoto Shule Childcare Services

Yenge ye zola (peace & love) family,
Katiopa Watoto Shule Childcare Services was founded in July 2011, because i realized there was a crucial need for young Black children in the diaspora to have more access to Afrikan educational resources. I was also seeking to create a support system for Black parents in the diaspora, especially outside of the traditional academic environment. Because we must understand that the process of Afrikan centered education does not end just because our children leave school. It must be a continual process whereby Afrikan culture, values and worldview is fully included in all aspects of our childrens’ lives.

This is why i came to the conclusion that consultant services are necessary for our community because our children need to know that true education must be permeated throughout all aspects of our way of life and we are the ones who need to teach them that. Afrikan centered education starts in the home and expands into the community. So even if our children attend Afrikan centered schools, those schools will not be able to fully inculcate Afrikan cultural values and laws in our childrens’ lives. It is our job as parents to do that. And this is part of what i have to offer, the tools, resources, skills and academic materials necessary that parents will need in order to ensure that Afrikan centered education is an ongoing and continual process. This process is SUPPORTED by the outside community, but must begin and always be re-inforced in their own home.

I offer private (by phone, online or in person) consultant sessions for Black parents, grandparents, early childhood educators and organizations who would like to learn more about Afrikan centered parenting and homeschooling education.


I am an Afrikan centered indigenous educator and consultant who has more than 8 years of experience working with Black children in the stages of early childhood. I have NOT been “certified” by a white educational institution (i have no degrees or accreditations to show from them) because i understand that the work of ReAfrikanization (realigning oneself with ones’ ancestral truth and reality) is a task that only we can complete, independent of white culture. It is not a discipline that can be taught to me/us by anyone but our righteous elders and scholars, through intense study and research by those who have been institution builders before Us.

Therefore, i would like to make it very clear that my expertise in this area is due to my personal experience and years (over 13 to be exact) of studying and realigning myself with Afrikan values, methods of learning and social behaviour. The culture(s) of Black people throughout the western hemisphere has been predominantly shaped and sustained by the Afrikan worldview. In fact it is this worldview that governed our morals, values, principles and education before the psychological effects of “white world” domination became imbedded in our minds.

So, through immersing myself in serious independent Afrikan centered studies (which included going to study in West Afrika) and research, as well as guidance and training from educators in the world community, i came to understand Afrikan centered education as a tool of wholistic learning and empowerment. This vast educational experience revealed to me the true reality of Afrikan (black) people in world history, and our relation to other people, which i am sure i would not have learned from conventional academic education.

About Me:

I am a Maroon nationalist mother who is committed to preserving and maintaining this sacred way of life. The legacy of Afrikan centered education is a rich cultural inheritance that i am devoted to restoring for the benefit of ALL Black children that i am fortunate enough to come into contact with in my lifetime. My main focus is on Black children aged 2-9 and 9-12 (from french, english and patois/creole speaking families).

I understand that these are very important years in the lives of our children when primary aspects of their personality is being formed.

General Information

Katiopa Watoto Shule Childcare Services is committed to restoring the tradition of academic and social excellence handed down to Us by our honorable ancestors and most esteemed elders.


The mission of Katiopa Watoto Shule Childcare Services is to support and encourage Black parents to reclaim our Afrikan values, as well as indigenous parenting and teaching methods. I also offer full day and overnight childcare services to Black parents in Toronto, Canada (Scarborough area) who are full time employees. We need to know that our children are protected, safe and secure when we are out here “pounding the pavement” looking for money and resources to care for them.

It is unacceptable and treasonous to place our children in the hands of capitalistic “childcare workers” (who are basically complete strangers with “certification”) just to make money that will not even stay in our pockets for more than two weeks. Our children deserve and require the best care and attention and this is what they will always receive from me, no matter where i am on this planet.

I provide a safe, loving and nurturing home for Black children whose parents are busy with work. Families in my community can be rest assured that their children will be in very good hands in my home and i will care for their children just as i care for my own. In general, the services of Katiopa Watoto Shule serves to offer our children the care, love, attention and educational skills that they need in order to be able to advance and carry on the work of Afrikan (black) cultural continuity and survival.

Price Range for services

$30.00 (1 hr. consultant session)

$25.00-$40.00 (day/overnight childcare services, price depends on hours & meals included)


I also offer Afrikan centered consultant services for Black parents. I am open to offering these services to sincere independent Black organizations who understand the importance of Afrikan centered education for our children. During the consultant session, i will give Black parents information on a wide array of educational resources and/or materials, specifically for Black children (aged 2-9). I also intend to encourage the parents who use my services to network with one another and create alliances with other Black parents in the diaspora who share the same values.


For my direct contact information, please email me. You can find me at registered as “Mama Kentake Malopenza”. I also have a page at facebook called “Katiopa Watoto Shule Childcare Services”.

“You only understand the joys of parenthood when you have your first child, you only understand the mystery of death when in mourning.”

Bahaya Proverb


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