Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

The Power of Nana Asase Yaa!

Kiambote! (greetings),
I hope you have been enjoying my blog page, it has been a pleasure to share my Love for Our Afrikan children with you. I have been homeschooling my son for approximately two years, and i have learned so much along the way about myself as a parent and as an Afrikan wombman. It is a blessing and a joy to be a mother, in so many ways. As i grow and develop as a mother/teacher/ndezi, i have come to understand that as Afrikan women we do have a greater responsibility to other Afrikan children outside of our immediate families. But western society has so effectively led us to believe that ONLY “our child” should be our primary interest and concern. This is not true at all according to our Afrikan ancestral wisdom. It is well understood that Afrikan women are the caretakers and protectors of the children in the entire village.

The sistas of the village will never sit by and watch the children being harmed or abused or mistreated, because their watchful eye is on all of their babies not only on the ones that belong to them biologically. If your child is harmed, my child is in danger and vice versa. We always knew the health and well being of the village was a direct reflection of the overall health of our children. In Masai tradition a common greeting is “How are the children?” and the response is always “The Children are well”. This was a reflection of the health of the entire community. If the children are well that means the community is also well. This was common knowledge to our sacred mothers of old and it must also be like this to us.

Each sista in the village understands her responsibility to each child, whether that child is “hers” or not. She will not sit by and watch any of the children go hungry or be without clothing because that is a reflection of the weakness and disunity of the inner circle of divine mothers, the core unit that brought forth the life force of the community, which IS the sistahood. The dismemberment and disenfranchisement of the sistahood is directly corelated with the lack of protection of Afrikan children today. The core sistahood has been broken and the divine mysteries of Afrikan womanhood has been lost to many of us. This is a major reason why our children suffer at the hands of our enemies as they do today. When our foremothers lived in the way of our divine ancestors, the children did not suffer pain and rejection as they do now. They suckled at the breasts of our mothers, and rested their heads in their chest, until the evil and wicked invaders came to steal our sacred womanhood and tear our families apart.

When our right to BE Afrikan women was stolen from Us, our right to BE Afrikan mothers was stolen at the very same time. I seek to revive this ancestral principle in my life. One of the things that i know is necessary to fulfill this duty is to become re-connected to my sistas in the diaspora and the continent. We must NOT fear our spiritual and psychic power. We must allow ourselves to remember what and who we were before the enemies of Afrika came to our shores and violated us with their demonic semen. Our children await the awakening of the divine Afrikan mother, they await her rebirth. They need us to heal ourselves so we can be the Mothers we are destined to BE, the Mothers we always were before we opened our doors to welcome the wrath and endless rage of Yurugu.

I have done much soul-searching and i have come to understand that the Afrikan mother has a great role to play in the education and protection of our children. We must return to the Afrikan way of parenting and this will require a wholistic way of looking at what it means to be a parent, for both mothers and fathers in our community. We have to willingly cleanse ourselves of the lies we have been told that lead us to believe that we share a common experience with women of “other races”, just because they are the same gender. We must not allow ourselves to be referred to as “women of color” or “minority women” and we must REFUSE to identify with those terminologies. These titles do not define Who We Are. As the first mothers of this Earth (Asase Yaa) we are the ONLY women who can rightfully call ourselves “Goddesses”. We are the ONLY women who can summon the forces of the Universe to change and transform the state of Our world. NO other woman will ever be able to do that. No other woman can say she is directly spiritually and genetically tied to the first Afrikan celestial mother but US. Therefore, we can only share Sistahood with each other. We must be extremely clear about that.

We are the ONLY women who can give birth to all humans. The albino came from us and genetically mutated into the yurugu we know today. The albino is the child we gave birth to. The power we hold in our hands to change the lives of our children and our nation is beyond what we can imagine. We can only do this Together. Sistas, we must not be afraid of reclaiming our divine inheritance. My understanding of Afrikan centered education is directly tied to the revival of the Sistahood Institution, the revival of our societies and our connection to the Earth (Asase Yaa). This is a wholistic way of looking at Afrikan centered education for our people. As an Afrikan wombman who is reviving my spiritual connection to my divine ancestors and goddesses, i also seek to help other sistas understand our role as mothers/teachers because this role is not separate. It is ONE and the same.

I am Now offering Afrikan centered homeschooling consultant services for Afrikan women AND men who are interested in starting their own homeschooling collectives. The aspect of restoring Reverence for the Divine Afrikan Mother Spirit and helping Afrikan mothers to understand their primary role in the revival of Afrikan culture and values will be a very important factor in creating true Afrikan centered educational institutions for our children. Afrikan men, our brothers, husbands, sons and fathers must also know this as well so that they can understand how to function with us and how to support us in our role of restoring sacred womanhood. For any institution that is focused on indigenous Afrikan education for our children must understand that the Mother of Our nation is not only the first teacher, she also represents what the nation must aspire to. Her representation in the Afrikan nation is a greater reflection of the value system of that nation and tells the world what that nation truly stands for. It is so true that “a nation can rise no higher than its’ woman”. WE have always known this. So with that said, we the women and men of the Afrikan nation, must begin to ask ourselves, “How are the children?”…..

For more information on my Afrikan centered homeschooling consultant services please contact me at I look forward to hearing from my Afrikan family!

Udadewethu (Sista) Kentake.


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