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The Questions You Ask

The Questions You Ask

by Kwetewa Kwesi Boakum Akoto

How did Afrikans come to America?
Who took Afrikans from Afrika?
Who was enslaved by whites?
Who served whites?
Who was whipped?
How were Afrikans treated by whites?

These are questions we should ask
Who did your nails?
Do you like my dress?
How’s my hair?

Why were we brought to this place?
Who robbed us from our resources?
Who kept us forever from our families?
Who was lost?
Who was brainwashed almost completely?

Don’t ask
Did you see WWF last night?
Did you break his ankles?
Did you bake him?
Who brainwashed Afrikans?
Who depended on Afrikans
for survival in the confederate states?
Who traded Afrikans for money?

These are the questions you must ask.
These are the questions you must ask.

Kwesi Boakum Akoto, age 12, was a student at CIBI-member school NationHouse/Sankofa Institute in Washington DC (this poem was written in 2003). This poem is reprinted by permission from the Sankofa Journal, a publication of the Ankobea Society/NationHouse Sankofa

From: Fundisha! Teach!, The Newsletter of the Council of Independent Black Institutions


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