Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Baba John Henrik Clarke on the Purpose of Afrikan education

“Education for a new reality in the Afrikan world must be an education that enables the Afrikan to handle all of the wealth producing resources of Afrika, an education that enables the Afrikan to manage and market these resources and an education that enables him or her to prepare the generations still to come to do the same thing. A large number of Afrikan children should be chosen at birth and trained toward these ends and all education should be toward the total sovereignty of Afrikan people.”

Baba John Henrik Clarke
Notes Toward an Afrikan World Revolution


4 Responses to “Baba John Henrik Clarke on the Purpose of Afrikan education”

  1. Lovely, we are all indebted to our Baba John Henrik Clarke~

  2. Yenge Kieno zimpangi zeto zazo ( peace be with you all our brothers and sisters!).
    I’m so happy to find that there is a groupe of Bana ba Katiopa ( sons and daughter of Katiopa=Africa) doing such a great job. I would like to talk with the responsible of this Blog. I’m Ne Kalombo Mfunyi, Nlongi( teacher) in the zikua of Bundu dia Kongo in Montreal.

    • Mbote!,
      Matondo mingi ndugu Ne Kalombo. I am the creator of this blog, Yaya Kentake, the sista you spoke to at facebook. Please forward this blog to other Afrikans, especially parents of young children in the Montreal area so they can be aware that Afrikan centered education exists in their own city. I look forward to meeting you soon. Yenge ye zola.


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