Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Jegna Amos Wilson on Education for Afrikan people

“When educated through the auspices of their exploiters, Afrikan americans and Afrikans in general are educated into ignorance, are made the recipients of an alienated education which means that it can be utilized only to further alien interests. Thus, the formal and informal education of Afrikan american youth is an education in alienation, self-abnegation, incompetence, unreality and wrongheadedness. Many of the youth, particularly the males, resist this alienating, anti-life, emasculating and insulting process: a process designed to prepare them for subordinate places in a racist society. They reject and refuse to cooperate with this design, and through ‘antisocial’ acts offend, tax the resources of, and attack its perpetrators.

They defend valiantly, though self-destructively, what shreds of ‘masculinity’ they have left. They violently attack the elders and the community who and which have failed to educate them around Afrikan cultural identity and purpose, independence, self-determination, responsibility, self-knowledge and self-love: education for the attainment of a fulfilling and liberated life. If Afrikan american youth are to be educated away from their ‘antisocial’ proclivities and educated in ways that permit them to legitimately actualize their human potential and secure the biological and cultural survival of Afrikan peoples, they must be educated, especially during their impressionable years, by their own elders and equipped with an Afrikan centered education.”

Jegna Amos N. Wilson
Black-on-Black Violence


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