Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Umkhonto we Sizwe!

“What institution teaches us the ideology and philosophy of our righteous warrior elders? Afrikans must begin to Institutionalize the Ideals and Ideas of the Afrikan giants that Kabezya-Mpungu (the Creator) sent to us as a people. Where are the ideals of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey being taught today? Where is his ideology and philosophy being taught to Our people today? With the death of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other europeans in the western hemisphere, nothing changed in the curriculum in european institutions, the institutionalization of european history into the constitution of America was not forgotten, it was continually taught in the institutions of the Americas, in the schools and universities of America. Now today when we go to school we learn about the principles they believed in. Even though the presidents of today are modern ones, they still stand upon the legacy of their own “founding fathers”, their ideal of America has already been institutionalized. What universities, elementary schools and high schools do we have that will teach Our children about our righteous warrior elders, who will teach and institutionalize their ideals and their philosophy?”

Quote of Rabbi Kohain Levi,

from the documentary “500 years later”

I found this statement to be so powerful in the documentary that when i was watching it i played it over and over. It is so true it sends chills down my spine. Indeed, what institutions do we have in Afrika, North America, South & Central America and Europe that will institutionalize and implant the ideals, values and principles of our righteous warrior elders and teachers in Our children? Interestingly enough, we always want to say we are “free” and we always get upset with each other when “slavery” is mentioned.

I always notice the energy of my people when i bring this topic up, and if facial expressions could talk it would say “Oh boy here we go again”….Yes, we must continue to “go there” until we no longer act like we are someones’ property. If We are soo “free” and “liberated” then why are we still dependent on our former “masters” for such an essential need as educating Our Own children? Is that not a form of slavery in and of itself? In my opinion, it is the worst form of slavery we could ever succumb to.

Are we failing our children and failing ourselves as well by refusing to take full responsibility for their education & character development? Are we willing to honestly ask ourselves this question and answer it honestly as well? What are we Really doing when we give our children “away” to the european operated public school system or any european based educational system at all (even If black teachers work there if the base is european education that IS what it is)?

This goes beyond the debate for “Afrocentric” “alternative” education and publicly funded “black” schools. This is Really about US collectively taking on the duty and responsibility to educate our children Ourselves and to create the institutions Ourselves that we Need for the purpose of ReAfrikanization, community healing and nation-rebuilding. To be honest, this is not even a very difficult task, all it takes is Our collective Kujichagulia (Self-determination). We have to Love Afrikan children enough to sacrifice whatever is necessary for them, including Our own EGO.

This is not really about US, or what we “want”. This is about Them. Many of Us fail to recognize that. Our issues MUST not get in the way of their success and development. A people who do not know how to sacrifice the lower parts of themselves for their Own cultural survival, will be scorned by their divine ancestors. I believe the time has come for Us to be the True Protectors and Warriors for Our children. If we do not accept this responsibility We will have to answer to them at a later time, when they come to Us and ask “What have You done?”, we will have to tell them “Nothing much at all”.

As our divine ancestors told us “One hand alone cannot wash” and so even though public “black” charter schools are an option it is NOT enough. Even though “Afrocentric” public schools are an option it is just NOT enough. We can do alot better. Our divine ancestors did the best with nothing at all. They created Maroon communities on Imani, Umoja and Ujima alone. They worked with what they had and what they did not have they created, with little to no resources at hand. Because they had the will to survive and the will to Be Afrikan. We have a multitude of resources available to us in this age of multimedia technology. But we are satisfied with being obedient dependents. That is absolutely pathetic to me.

Our children Need to grow and learn Exclusively with other Afrikan children. Our children need to see Afrikan people cooperate and work together so that they will have a proper example of what Ujima (collective work and responsibility) really looks like. We cannot tell them to live according to the Afrikan reality unless we are willing to show them what it truly IS. Who will be an example for them, if not us?

I realize it is sometimes easier for us to “give away” our children to the public school because it vindicates us from accepting full responsibility for their education and development. They are in school for most of the day. All we have to do is pick them up, make dinner (sometimes!, or maybe even eat out), get them ready for bed and then start a new day doing the same thing. This system has taught us that we do not have to be fully responsible for ourselves, because “someone else” is always there to do “things” for us. Including raise our Own children. We are clearly in a state of cultural paralysis and we also seem to have no problem with it.

Our state of enslavement has pacified us to the point where we do not even see the need to transform ourselves and change our behaviour. We are teaching our children to accept this as a “normal” “way of life”. This proves that we are deeply sick. But sickness is something you must heal yourself from, not embrace. We have an extremely serious task before Us. To do this work, we do not have to completely agree on every aspect of things. But we have to be clear on the fact that We Are Afrikan and because of that No One can ever take a leadership role in our childrens’ lives and education other than Us. When we allow teachers of ANY other race to educate our children we are indirectly telling them that “others” primarily europeans are worthy of being their guardians and protectors.

This is nothing short of insanity. I have been told several times that it is not all about having a “black teacher” or being in an “Afrocentric school”. I completely agree. Afrikan centeredness centers, grounds and solidifies US in Our Own worldview and reality. It permeates our spirit and enables us to re-connect with our divine ancestors. Afrocentricity on the other hand, has often been relegated to an “intellectual movement” that teaches us about “black history, white “racism” and diverse concepts of “black unity”. Sometimes “multiculturalism” is thrown in there too. Many “Afrocentrists” have been married to europeans and other non-Afrikans and there was no outcry by their peers or associates. Some of these “conscious” european “mates” became part of the “intellectual black movement”.

No one saw the need to address or scold these people about their acts of betrayal. This is sickness on a whole other level. Miscegenation is cultural and genetic suicide to Truly Afrikan centered people. No Afrikan person in their right mind would Ever even think of committing such a treasonous act. There is no debate about this among us. We know there can be NO compromise. Therefore, i feel that the concept of “Afrocentric” schools can also be damaging to Our children, because a movement that has no standards cannot move us towards Liberation.

It has been proven over time that many people who claim “Afrocentricity” have no cultural standard or accountability to their own people. That means that if no one is watching them, they will function in service of european cultural domination without being asked to do so. To me, such people cannot be trusted in the care of our precious children. I could care less if they are “black” or if they can regurgitate “black historical facts” with vigor and conviction. Any person well trained in public speaking can do that.

Education is essentially designed to teach a people about their own worldview, values, culture and reality. Afrikan children must learn academics through that means. They will learn about politics, economics, science and social studies from the understanding of an Afrikan cultural construct/system. So when we speak about Afrikan centered education we also must realize that this will not be possible with “any conscious black person”. The only people who are capable of creating and sustaining such institutions are Our people, who are grounded in reconstructing an Afrikan worldview as their first frame of reference on how they function in the world and with ALL Afrikan people. What we really have to do is create a Real Legacy for Our children so when we are gone they know that we did not leave them at the mercy of their former masters, without leaving them a blueprint for Afrikan power and cultural continuity.

Do you feel where i am going with this? If not let me break it down for you, right here. I am saying that it is Our Sole Duty to build and create, out of our own ancestral genius, Independent, Self-sufficient, Community funded, private (and very well structured) Afrikan centered institutions and programs (including rites of passage programs for our young sistas and brothas) for Our children where-ever they may be in the Afrikan world. We have enough people “talking” and “making speeches” about “Afrikan centeredness” to do this. The talk has to be transformed into something that our children can see, feel, touch and hear. So far the majority of what they are seeing are mouths moving fast, but bodies stuck in a twilight zone.

With such an educational initiative being implemented throughout the Afrikan world, an Afrikan parent in the United States should be able to find an independently run (not funded by anyone but US) Afrikan centered school in atleast 15-20 of the 50 states in the U.S. It is not because we do not have the money. If we choose to consciously analyze what we spend our money on, we will realize that We do. The real issue is We do not the drive to do for ourself. With such an initiative being put in place, this would mean that an Afrikan parent where-ever they may be, whether it be in Brazil, Canada, Panama, Cuba, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, St.Lucia, Jamaica, Ayiti, should be able to find atleast 5-10 independently run Afrikan schools in any of these places.

Such an institution could be in the home, a community center or it could be a commercial building of its’ own. We do not have to have a huge building or even thousands of dollars to educate our own. Sometimes because we are in the west we feel we need to be extravagant to get things done. That is not true. We are not here to copy the european and become consumed by the accumulation of material wealth and “fancy things”. All we need is the will and the drive to make it happen. Everything We do begins with a vision. No matter how we cut it, the work that is set before us by the divine ancestors must be done. The question is, Who among us is willing to put in the ground work to fulfill the obligation given to us by our divine ancestors? And if you question the validity of this request, then please answer this:

Where were these european educators, teachers, psychologists and social workers kwk when your Afrikan child was being born? Where were these european “educational experts” when your baby was kicking his or her feet in your womb, Afrikan wombman? Where were they when you first held your baby in your arms Afrikan man? Who felt your labor pain Afrikan wombman, other than you? Who felt the warmth of your Afrikan baby at your breast when he or she was born? If we know we are the 1st ones to see our babies open their eyes and see the world, if we know that it is Only we who share intimate moments with our children then we should also know, we, and Our people, are the Only Ones who can know them best, at any stage of their lives. If the Afrikan mother is the 1st teacher then you betta believe that she is the 1st educator as well, if the Afrikan father is the 1st provider then you betta believe he is the 1st disciplinarian as well.

And We must remember that when our children go into their institutions they are being schooled primarily in the worldview of the european race, and the worldview of Europe is in opposition to Afrikan collective survival. That actually means that after an Afrikan adolescent finishes high school, they are basically fully trained to work against themselves and their own cultural and genetic survival. No wonder we are the way we are, it is by Design. Since the majority, if not all of us, were educated in their system, within the context of the european worldview, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves, WHO REALLY AM I? Are we in our right state of mind?

It is clear and evident that we have been severely indoctrinated with the european worldview, which aims to teach us two core things. 1) As Afrikans, we are not truly “human” in the fullest sense because we have contributed nothing to world civilization other than “multiculturalism”. In european school curriculum nothing of substance about Afrikan people is taught. We grow to believe that we are only byproducts of european “civilization” and are therefore destined to serve and worship them (“Jesus”/”God” complex) as long as we live. 2) We are all “individuals”, disconnected from each other, disconnected from nature and the universe around us, therefore we need no one but “our individual selves” to survive. These two core mind control mechanisms of european culture are in Total opposition to our Afrikan worldview.

Anything outside of what can be “seen” or “manipulated” does not “exist”. Therefore, Afrikan spirituality is a “belief” or a “theory” that cannot be “proven” with “concrete facts”. Herein comes the “main reason” why we needed to be “taught” about the “True and Living God”, who walked this Earth as “Jesus Christ”. Afrikan people were given an image and story of “God” and “his Creation”, but they were excluded. This fairy tale story of “human development” would reinforce european hegemony and the belief that Afrikan people are destined to serve europeans “forever and ever….amen.”

All of this DIRECTLY relates to education because their religious dogma is very evident in their academic curriculum as well. I remember because i went to their schools, ALL my life. This is why many of us have great difficulty Truly re-connecting with Afrikan spiritual systems in our late adolescence or adulthood. We have been so trained to believe it is “superstitious” and “surreal”. When we actually have divine spiritual experiences that are REAL according to OUR worldview, our european conditioning tells us it is “our imagination”. These are a few examples of the depth and severity of european social engineering. Is this the fate that we also want for our children?

Do we believe that our children deserve better than what we had?  Or are we at peace with ourselves knowing that we are going to recycle the legacy of the Maafa over and over again? Are we too lazy and comfortable in our condition of oppression to do otherwise? One thing is clear: there is just NO other way for us to escape this responsibility. This task is for US alone to complete. I Know that OUR children are the Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation). They are precious, priceless and supremely divine to Us All. Their ability to evolve as Afrikan children into honorable Afrikan adults, their ability to become the righteous healers and warriors of our families, communities and nation is left in Our own hands.

To respond to this article feel free to contact me at Mema wo AsomdwoeE hetep (I wish you peace and blessings).

Written by:
Yaya Kentake.


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