Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education

Nia (Purpose)

Karibu! Akwaaba! E kaabo! (Welcome)
Habari za asubuhi (Good morning),

I would like to first introduce myself-my name is Yaya (mama) Kentake Malopenza. I am a Pan-Afrikan nationalist homeschooling mother, auntie, sista, freelance writer and poet living in Canada. I felt the need to create a blog on Independent Afrikan centered education and parenting because i overstand that it is a crucial element in the collective survival and cultural continuity of our families and communities.

This blog aims to address the importance, necessity and urgency of creating independent, self sufficient, community-funded Afrikan centered midwifery centers, daycares, preschools, high schools, colleges and higher institutions of learning within the Afrikan world. My aim is to present my ideas, concerns, dreams, desires and  suggestions to members of the Afrikan world community and to hear about yours as well.

I intend to use this blog to network and create alliances with Afrikan parents, elders and educators, around the world. I seek to share and find Afrikan educational resources online. I would love to hear from educators who are presently working at existing independent institutions or who have plans to create one.

We must share our experience and resources because this moves us all forward towards the realization of educational independence. I hope to meet and work with other Afrikan centered parents, educators and especially, children. Any Afrikan who Truly & sincerely loves and cares for Our children is welcome here. I come to you with respect and honor, knowing that We are Afrikan people FIRST, where-ever we are…always have been and always will be.

This legacy of Afrikan Empowerment and Self sufficiency must be revived for the benefit of Our children. It is Our sole duty and responsibility to protect, nurture and educate our children.

Only We can help to mold them into responsible and honorable adults who will carry on, & advance, the process of Afrikan cultural restoration and restitution into the next generation and Beyond. If we believe Anyone else can do this for Us, or “with us”, then we are nothing but delusional. It is up to us to give them the tools they need in order for them to be equipped to continue the work that awaits them. I am confident that serious Afrikans of like mind can work together to fulfill this honorable mission.

And to conclude, i also believe that Afrikan wombmen (in the diaspora and the continent), hold within us the innate wisdom, knowledge and power to create an educational movement for communal transformation, which will spearhead the reformation of Afrikan institutions that will serve our best interests as a people.

This is why our divine ancestors knew that Sistahood was/is a political and social institution all by itself. It was well understood by them that True Sistahood; love, harmony and cooperation among the wombmen was essential to communal growth and development. This was evident in pre-colonial sista-societies like the Aje-Iyami of Nigeria. Sistahood is part of the missing ingredient No one talks about when Afrikan education and child development is discussed. We know it “takes a village to raise a child”. We also know that Afrikan wombmen have historically been the economic breadbasket of the traditional village and even developing cities, all around the world.

So, when Afrikan wombmen are violently uprooted from their way of life, consistently tortured by womb terrorism, family displacement and cultural genocide, how does that affect them? What does that do to their mind, body and spirit? The neglect, abuse and violation of our children is directly tied to the inter-generational trauma of Afrikan wombmen. Our children  come from our wombs, these very wombs that have been terrorized for centuries! When We collectively decide the work must be done to heal ourselves and our children, it will be done.

It IS just that simple. With that said, i also dedicate this page to the Afrikan wombman and man, the nucleus of the Afrikan family. I humbly request  for us both to meditate on the necessity of our Psychospiritual Healing. We have ALL inherited this cancerous Maafa psychosis, a mental and spiritual disease that was never fully acknowledged, diagnosed or addressed by Us, collectively. I also hope we will reflect on the essential role that we can each play in Afrikan childrens’ lives and development. When we make the decision to begin healing ourselves, we will begin to reverse this cycle of mental insanity that we have been reproducing for too long. Asante sana for visiting Umkhonto we Sizwe. I look forward to your continued participation and presence here! Abibifahodie.

Written by:
Yaya Kentake.


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