Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)
Independent Afrikan centered parenting and education


Akoma Ntoaso Tours & Products is committed to the education of Afurakan-Jamaican children, who reside in rural Manchester and Clarendon, where our operations and tours are based. We are currently in the process of creating a library of books for the children in our rural community, ALL of whom have NEVER been exposed to Afurakan centered consciousness in the form of educational material.

All of the children in the community are melanin dominant, but are entirely unaware of their origins and heritage. During my last trip to Manchester, I had the opportunity to spend quality time with some of the children myself, and I came to find out that they did not know any of the Black national heroes of Jamaica, and when I asked them who the Honorable Marcus M. Garvey was they were unable to respond. This is a serious problem and Akoma Ntoaso Tours would like to be instrumental in assisting the educational process for the better.


We encourage members of the global Afurakan world who are committed to raising awareness of our children in our indigenous homelands, to kindly make a donation of some form to this worthy process. We accept books, dvd’s, afrocentric cartoons, documentaries, clothing (in good condition only) and also monetary donations as well.

In the month of August, we will be sending all our donations directly to the children in Jamaica. All those who donate will receive confirmation (via phone or email) that their monetary donation is being used to uplift the rural community and it’s indigenous Black population. We look forward to hearing from you and please spread the word. Meda ase na Abibifahodie.

Udadewethu (Sista) Kentake.


Maadwo AbusuafoO (Good evening family members),
You are cordially invited to participate in the AKOMA NTOASO TOUR 2014, an Afurakan centered tour of Jamaica which offers daily excursions to OURStorical sites in Jamaica that relate to the TRUEStory of Afurakan people born on the island (and those of Jamaican background). WE also provide herbal teas & wholistic health consultations of various kinds for Healing and Rejuvenation of the Afurakan mind, body and soul. 

During your stay with the AKOMA NTOASO Collective in Jamaica, WE will be attending various cultural events and festivals in the island that are specifically related to the dominant & prevalent Afurakan culture of Jamaica & the entire Caribbean region! In addition to that, ALL nature lovers (like myself!) will have the opportunity to walk with US through the serene countryside of Jamaica & visit small locally owned farms, learn about indigenous agriculture, herbology and medicinal practices and we will also be taking Our guests on nature walks through small districts in the island.

WE also offer assistance to Afurakans in the diaspora who would like to resettle and invest in the rural economy, via land development kwk. ALL of our affiliates and collective members are Melanin (Black) dominant Jamaicans, and we support the local Afurakan economy exclusively. ALL financial transactions will be done in the local Jamaican currency. There is MUCH, MUCH MORE that We will be offering OUR Global Afurakan community, so please know that this is just a “TASTE” of what WE intend to provide. However, the PURPOSE of AKOMA NTOASO TOURS is to Expose and Educate the Afurakan diaspora on the Resilient & Powerful Legacy of Afurakan OURStorical Truth in Jamaica, as it has NEVER been told or seen before….

IF you are UNaware of the Legacy of The Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Ohemmaa (Queen) Nanny, Agya (Fawda) Paul Bogle, Baba (Fawda) Sam Sharpe, Miss Lou (Louise Bennett), Empress Imogene “Queenie” Kennedy and Many Other Afurakan-Jamaicans who are commonly UNknown to the world, you will surely learn about them and their Story during your stay with the AKOMA NTOASO TOUR 2014. WE encourage you All to reach Out to US if you are interested in attending the AKOMA NTOASO TOUR 2014 at Please note that we welcome infants, children, adolescents, (All of whom must be accompanied by atleast one parent) the elderly and we provide special packages for school trips and excursions. A registration process & phone interview is required to book your stay with US. Please contact Yaya Kentake Malopenza for more information at Meda ase na Abibifahodie! (Thank you and Afurakan Liberation!)


Maat Htp!,

Yenge ye zola (Peace & Love),

Udadewethu (Sistar) Kentake.


“IF you want to LIE, speak english”

Igbo proverb

Can we really try to digest this for a “minute” though? Imagine all the ancestral concepts and wisdom teachings that WE are learning and studying now and then think about this ^^^ proverb. HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO FULL RE-AFRIKANIZE SPEAKING THIS DEAD LANGUAGE? Before you answer that question THINK for a moment about how many words in the english language you currently use to describe or identify yOur process of SANKOFA and how many you refuse to embrace.

LOVE, HATE, HARMONY, BALANCE, TRUTH, WAR, DEATH, DESTRUCTION, DISORDER, LIFE, CREATION, PREGNANCY, CHILDBIRTH, MARRIAGE, EXTERMINATION, MELANIN, BLACK POWER, BLACK WEALTH, UNITY. All these words may not fit “together” in your opinion but in the Afurakan worldview they FIT very well. WE really NEED to stop speaking this DEAD language among ourselves, because we have OUR OWN already and it is ONLY OUR OWN LANGUAGE(S) that can TRULY DEFINE Our own experiences and worldview. Before rejecting or embracing any concept, 1st find out what that same concept or word means in YOUR OWN LANGUAGE & then and ONLY then will you KNOW whether it is OURS. 405813_377533909033201_1624622666_n
WE are willingly ENSLAVING ourselves to yurugu by giving them Power through speaking the language of THEIR ancestors, who have been warring, enslaving and committing genocide upon Us for several generations, by using the very same language(s) We now speak Ourselves. In this way, We continue to give them the POWER through conceptualizing the WORLD through their OWN eyes. Don’t Our children deserve to know and overstand Our ancestral truth and wisdom in the indigenous authentic way of the Egun (divine ancestors)? Aren’t We doing a DIS-service to Our children by teaching them about OURStory through the worldview of the very same people who seek to destroy them?

Are We not encouraging them to re-enslave themselves to the concepts of their enemies by teaching them about Our Reality through the eyes of their “conquerors”? Is this Why We feel that We should not, cannot, will not live FREE of yurugu domination? Is this Why We choose to sit back and wait on “magical divine intervention” and “believe” that the Creator will “descend” from the “heavens” with a “magic wand” to Save Us from Our enemies? What utter foolishness! This is the beginning of rationalizing Mentacide in Our minds and We must recognize it for what it is-a perpetual enslavement of the Afurakan mind, body and soul, through Our own will.
Our Egun never waited on “magical divine intervention” to solve their problems! They invoked the energy of their Ori, Orisa and Egun which inspired them and created Divine Focus on developing Real and Practical Solutions. Now, in Afurakan centered world communities, We have convinced Ourselves that We need not be self determining and focused on resolving Our issues and dilemnas, because the Creator and the divine ancestors will “intervene” on Our behalf in the “heavens”, and All We need to do it sit back and wait. How is that different from waiting on the return of “jesus”, “muhammad”, the “tooth fairy” or the “easter bunny”, it really IS Not! It is just a form of a self inspired “yurugu fairytale” that We continously play over and over in Our own minds!

The cause of this delusion of “complacency” is because the very language We are using to conceptualize and define “Abibifahodie” is one that was given to US to DESTROY Our ability to even have such a vision and see it realized! I know these questions may be hard to hear, hard to think about and even hard to consider for MANY of Us, but if We do not ask these questions Now Our children will be asking them Again, for several generations later. Let’s NOT be afraid to consider the ways in which We are willingly enslaving OURselves to being dominated and controlled by everyone else in the world to serve their OUR interests instead of OUR own. REmember that not all of it has to do with them, it also has to do with HOW we are enabling them to continue what they do. WE NEED TO STOP ENABLING OUR OWN CULTURAL GENOCIDE & WE NEED TO STOP IT NOWWW!

Mema wo Abibifahodie (I offer you Afurakan Liberation),
Yenge ye zola (Peace & Love),
Udadewethu (Sistar) Kentake.

Abibifahodie Afrikan family!
I am absolutely sure that the Nananom Nsamanfo (divine ancestors) have given me this message to share with Our global Afrikan family. Now you can take this however you want, but just make sure you fully digest the fullness of the message, that is all i ask. Whatever other emotions come up as you read this, please put them aside and deal with the core of the matter at hand: which is the survival, preservation and unity of the Afrikan family, by any means necessary.

There are many of us who are on a path of awakening and are now beginning to realeyes the greatness from whence we came. Not only that we are "kings and queens" and all the other usual "Black power" rhetoric that you may hear around the place. NO, that is not what i mean. Many of us are learning about the power of melanin, the pineal gland and overstanding how Afrikan genetics is tied to metapsychics, spirituality and the unseen world. I am speaking directly to those of us who consider ourselves to be "awake", Afrikan centered, RBG, Pan-Afrikan, Maroon, Garveyites or whatever "label" you want to embrace…i am NOT speaking to those of us who are "brain dead" to the Afrikan way of life and who have no interest in overstanding it, defending it or embracing it. If you are reading this, Akwaaba (Welcome) to my blog, Meda ase for visiting, I apprecilove your presence, but i am NOT speaking directly to you. I cannot hold Afrikans' accountable IF they do not even know they are Afrikan in the 1st place.


Many of us who are using the above mentioned terminologies to refer to Ourselves are exhibiting some very twisted schizophrenic behaviour which Must be addressed immediately. Let me get straight to the point without "cuttin nu cawna" as is often said in Jamaica. A very big part of REAfrikanization is prioritizing family development which is the base of re-creating Nationhood for the Afrikan family. At this stage of the WAR we are in, no one should have to repeat this statement more than once for it to be understood. It is being repeated too many times and that shows something is deeply wrong with us.

Afrikan family development is a weapon of MASS RE-CONSTRUCTION and most of us who are "brainstorming" about HOW we can destroy white terror domination on a grand scale are forgetting the most important aspect of it all….when yurugu came to our shores in ancient Nubia/Kemet kwk the first thang they attacked was the Afrikan family…it would not have been possible to destroy our 1st civilization(s) IF they did not dismantle what Our civilizations were based on: the Unity of the Afrikan Family. Therefore, if the Afrikan family was the 1st Unit to be attacked it Must also be primary in the pursuit of Nation ReBuilding.


Only ofcourse, for those who are serious about Nation Building which at this point does not seem to be many. This should truly not be difficult for any Afrikan with basic common sense to overstand. But for whatever reason, it seems to be very excruciatingly hard for Afrikans in the west to overstand that without family development True Afrikan Unity can never be possible. And it seems as if many of us do not even want it to be possible. As Our Egun (honorable ancestors) have told us "when actions speak, words are meaningless". Right now, our actions are speaking very clearly.

There is NO EXCUSE on the planet for any Afrikan with the knowledge of themselves as a melanin rich 9ether Ntrchr walking on earth, with the wisdom of their Bakoko (honorable ancestors) easily accessible to them, to be working against the reality of family development and/or to be purposefully avoiding the possibility of entering into an honorable Maatic union with their compliment. In such a seriously genocidal and brutally violent era for Afrikan people globally, We really do not have time for anyone who proudly exhibits the mentacidal behaviour of their oppressors' as if it is a trophy to be proud of-unfortunately that describes a large portion of us who "consider" ourselves "centered". What does that say about where we are headed as a people??


Many of us refuse to make the sacrifices necessary for family development (long distance relationships, which is not a "choice" it is NECESSARY because of the circumstances!), we engage in constant slandering of the opposite sex (Afrikan centered sistas act like men kwk), we condone anti-Afrikan behaviour (homosexuality, debate all you want but that is NOT Us) and often accept this degeneracy in our midst, we embrace Willie Lynch ("those" Caribbean people are backwards, "those" Afrikan americans don't like "us" kwk) making it almost impossible for US to engage in cross-national family development because the biases and discrimination is too much for many of us to bear.

All this totally dysfunctional, divide and conquer tactics that we willingly engage in are extremely detrimental to Our healing and self preservation as an Afrikan nation in new formation. I am just not convinced that we are serious about BEing serious about REAfrikanizing anymore, it truly seems as if this is a re-run from Sesame Street that i watched when i was a child and many of us think that being Afrikan is a live cartoon in action. Now let me tell you it is NOT. In addition to the severely mentacidal behaviour mentioned above, it gets WORSE.


Some of us think we are "Afrikan nationalists" even though we are in bed with a cavebeast and/or a furhead! Dat nuh mek it! If you are in an intimate relationship with a non Afrikan of any nation (caucasian, asian, indian it makes no difference) you are basically engaged in NATION SUICIDE, whether you have children with this person or not. Offering yourself up to be voluntarily raped by your oppressor is not normal and no one is going to applaud or congratulate you for it. If you are hiding your yurugu in the closet and coming on facebook talking about "how much you love the Afrikan family" please STOP THE BULLSHIT.

You are only lying to yourself and proving to your honorable ancestors how sick you really are. Either get some help from an elder in your community or consult with an Afrikan priest/ess to assist you in dealing with your mental health issue. We have enough mental health issues in our community already, and we mos def do not need more. What you are doing is a dis-service to Our nation and you are a disgrace and an embarassment to US All.


The behaviour noted above clearly shows that people who exhibit this behaviour are severely mentally ill and require spiritual healing and exorcism of the yurugu spirit that is harvesting their body. There is NO reason for any Afrikan who claims to know themself to engage in sexual activity or intimate relations with a non Afrikan of any race, regardless of the many challenges that may come with nation rebuilding, so NO it's not ok for you to marry an indian, an asian, a mexican, an arab or anyone who is not a 9ether. Just because they are not caucasian does not mean you should be in bed with them. Yes, we are in a "new age" but that is not an excuse to erase your dominant Afrikan genes off the face of the planet! We should embrace, love and honor what Afrikan love and unity can create.


In final, if we are truly aware that the first war was the War against the Afrikan family then Our MAIN aim and objective should be the restructing of that Sacred Family Unit-the Re-Birth of Maat can only be effectively done through that means…So! if you are engaged in any activity, whether mental (willie lynch), physical (sexual/intimate interaction with the opposite sex of any other nation other than Afrikan), psychological (embracing divide and conquer mentality) or spiritual (worshipping dieties of other nations and praying to the very people who oppress you! HOW CRAZY!) then you need to seek a mental health professional who is Afrikan centered and can assist you in coming back into your Afrikan mind.

I am fully and totally convinced that Afrikans ALL OVER THE WORLD need severe psychospiritual therapy in order to be able to fully commit ourselves to nation rebuilding. Because it is very evident that at this point we cannot handle the responsibility of fulfilling Abibifahodie….we are severely emotionally and psychologically traumatized in a variety of ways…myself included (how could i not include myself when i am Afrikan too?!) but the 1st part of dealing with trauma is acknowledging it. Isn’t that true??


With love, joy and righteous rage
I greet you all,
My Afrikan family,
Mama Kentake.



1) How to make a fire to cook food &/or how to cook food without electric or gas stove

2) How to identify fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in nature

3) How to defend oneself in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to, using ones’ bodily force or martial arts

4) How to grow your own foods, specifically those which are indigenous to the Afrikan ancestral diet

5) How to identify natural water sources, that are safe to drink


6) How to identify herbs that can be used for cleansing the body or healing wounds kwk

7) How to identify herbs and plants that can be used to purify and cleanse the internal organs

8) How to rescue someone if they are drowning (lifeguard).

9) How to navigate to safety in sea water, by boat or swimming.

10) How to fish and how to find bait in the wild order to catch fish.


11) How to identify and locate safe places and hideouts in the hills and mountainous regions, of whatever region or location we may find ourselves.

12) How to exercise and implement community discipline and order through “guerilla rulership”

13) How to herd and raise animals, like goats, ducks, chickens, wild birds, pigs, cows kwk.

14) How to build your own home.

15) How to utilize traditional methods of transportation to move goods &/or services from one place to another (ex: donkey, boat, cow, horse, ship, mule)
16) How to generate your own income by utilizing natures’ many resources.

17) How to protect oneself during natural disasters using survival techniques and strategies that are part of our ancestral legacy and which can be easily learned through living in harmony with ones’ environment.

18) How to utilize natural resources of the earth to create items which are necessary for human survival (clothing, shoes, furniture, cooking utensils kwk)

19) How to be able to properly identify the stage of decolonization one has reached in order to know the duties and responsibilities one can or cannot handle in the ReAfrikanization/nation-building process.

20) How to be able to assist our sistas in the childbirth process utilizing our ancient ancestral knowledge about midwifery practices &/or how to assist oneself in un-assisted childbirth.slide-0
21) How to be able to heal, treat and cure life threatening dis-eases, ailments or illnesses that are common and prevalent among Afrikan people.

22) How to establish independent methods of communication among Afrikan people globally, that is not connected to modern technology that was created by non-Afrikan nations to watch, spy and monitor the movements of Afrikan people.

23) How to have control of yourself (including your behaviour, your thoughts, your actions kwk) as an Afrikan person and not direct your anger, rage, insecurities, self hatred or low self esteem at other Afrikan people. This may not be seen as a nation building skill to many of us, but our dsyfunctional and mentacidal behaviour towards one another is one of the main reasons for the lack of global Afrikan power! We must learn to build our character through actively engaging in self healing. If you are angry about your condition or circumstance, go find a punching bag or talk to an Afrikan therapist!~Let’s BE REAL!!

24) How to identify what foods can be eaten raw and which foods cannot be eaten raw.

25) How to build economic partnerships and alliances within the Afrikan world in order to revive and restore the legacy of Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility) & Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)= Abibifahodie!



26) How to build heterosexual Afrikan unions, (even in the midst of yurugu domination) between sistas and brothas. We must be able to create and sustain healthy mate relationships among one another, we must be able to show one another love and express our deepest emotions without fear, and we must prevent this system from turning us against one another. If we cannot do this then we cannot build a nation. PERIOD. This is a very important nation-building skill, because without the unity of the heterosexual Afrikan man and woman, nationhood can Never be possible.

Our unions must result in marriage, a stable family unit (that can resolve conflict when it arises) and the birth of many beautiful 9ether children to continue Our divine legacy in this world. Inter-racial unions (with ANYONE that is not a melanated Afrikan) are the beginning of the GENOCIDE of the Afrikan nation and anyone involved in such ancestral treason, should refrain from community work until they are prepared to leave their non-Afrikan mate behind.

27) How to identify when you need emotional, spiritual or psychological assistance or help due to any issue you may be facing. ALL of us are severely traumatized in a multitude of ways, due to our condition of having to live in a system of yurugu domination, for so long. Our trauma is not only individual, it is inter-generational, all of the wounds of our ancestors have been passed down to us for us to carry. This is a very heavy burden to bear. Some of us are soo traumatized and disturbed that we require extra assistance in Our healing. It is our duty to identify the level of trauma we are at and also to define the methods of healing we will engage in.

All of us are severely traumatized, some of us even beyond repair. Therefore, all of us must seek out healing modalities that will assist us in the process of becoming whole again. Engage in activities you love to do with other Afrikans, go out to a reggae club and dance the night away or travel to troical locations where you can be surrounded with ONLY Afrikan people. Moving towards nation-building without engaging in self healing at the same time, is very dangerous for ones’ well being and can also result in a multitude of health problems as well as spiritual disorders (called “psychiatric disorders” in the yurugu way of thinking). We must all actively engage in spiritual healing and cleansing from the toxicity of “white supremacy” as we nation-build. One cannot be done without the other, because yurugu domination still exists and having to live under this type of demonic system is a sickness in and of itself.

28) How to communicate with Afrikan people, with respect, honor, joy, humility and even reverence (YES i said reverence). The very fact that we are still here is even a miracle so how we communicate with each other is very important. Your communication shows who you really are, if you say you love Afrikan people it should show in the way you treat Afrikan people. Don’t be a hypocrite because it WILL show!

Written by: Kentake Malopenza


The land is our ancient source of wealth,

From time immemorial, it has been our richness, our pride and our strength,

Now we sell it to the highest bidder, the ones with the fattest pockets and the most recessive genes,

They are now the “legal guardians” of our ancestors’ most intimate dreams,

Daughters of Mama Sekhmet continue to ask ourselves WHY?,

Why do we continue to allow our ancestors to cry-at our self inflicted demise?,

Are we not the ones who call the enmy to our shores, Begging and pleading with them to stay with us some more?,

Calling them to visit our homes, learn our secrets and feast on our delicious cuisine, while they plot and plan the destruction of our future seeds?,

We, who overstand the dilemna we face, have a great and serious duty before us, which we must fully embrace,

mandeville country

land is the economy

zim country

Daughters of Mama Sekhmet, Oya, Osun, Oba, Yemoja, Olokun, is this the memory of Nubian wombmanhood we want to leave our daughters and sons?,

A legacy that teaches them to turn the other cheek-one that teaches our children we must accept defeat?,

We must listen to the voice of our ancestors callung us to take back our lands, take back our forests, take back our watersources, take back our sacred secrets-from the grip of our enemies that lurk at every corner,

Waiting like vampires to suck our blood, drain our life force and turn us into walking zombies on a rampage to fulfill their demonic world vision,

As the daughters of Asase Yaa, nurturing and protecting the earth is our responsibility and obligation,

Even the fear of death should not stop us from completing our mission,

It is our birthright to claim ownership of all that is rightfully ours,

We know that the land, the sun, the water, the moon and the stars is our inheritance from the most primordial foremothers, from whose womb we ALL came-each of whom rule over natural elements-we must remember them, honor them and invoke them by name,


Everywhere we turn, there is another enemy taking advantage of our complete ignorance, naivety and buffoonery,

As many of us run away from our indigenous lands, they run right IN,

Making sure that they remind us of how the “land of plenty” is going to ensure that we gain an abundance of riches and financial prosperity!,

But why is it that when we gone they are moving in our home?,

Stealing our bauxite, mining our cobalt and uprooting sacred burial sites to build mansions to live in when they get old?,

And while we proudly proclaim “Canada ah my home now!! Mi luv it ere! Wha mi ah guh back home fa?”

Every non-Afrikan genetically recessive yurugu in north america, europe and asia has already made their plans to remove generations of Nubians from their ancestrally inherited indigenous lands in Afrika, the Caribbean and Central/South America,

It’s really not “all good” like we often fool ourselves into believing and there is absolutely no reason to “just relax”,


This is WAR in every sense of the word,

We, the daughters of Asase Yaa are being called forward to reclaim our indigenous lands and ensure that the ownership and inheritance of our homelands is returned to Nubian hearts and hands,

And our ancestors really don’t care about conscious lectures that produce no results, sorry ass excuses or emotionally charged debates,

What really matters is that we redevelop our indigenous communities into centers of commerce among Afrikan nations, return to living in true harmony with nature and remove all enemies from within our midst,


For Maat can never be restored in our nation  until we rid ourselves of this living nightmare called “integration”,

It is integration that has us selling our soul and trading the wealth of Asase Yaa for this imaginary yellow brick road “paved” with yurugu’s priceless gold,

Interestingly enough, no one has found the yellow brick road yet!,


What we fail to remember is Dorothy is not “our beloved friend” leading us to “eternal paradise” in the west,

The Wizard of Oz is not real and neither is the North American “dream”,

So are we stuck in an illusion we ourselves have created as a means to survive?,

Living the legacy of Sankofa is the only way for us to truly thrive….


Written by: Kentake Malopenza


*No one is authorized to republish this poem, online or offline, without the authors’ permission*



Mekyea mo (i greet you all) brothas and sistas,
You all know me as the founder and director of Katiopa Watoto Shule now located in Toronto, Ontario. I am also the mother of a young son, and the grandchild of Arabella “Pou” Morgan who recently passed away in Clarendon-Jamaica. Her homegoing ceremony is going to be on the 1st-2nd of March, 2013 in Scotts Pass, Jamaica.

I have been unable to see my grandmother for over a decade because i did not have the economic resources to go to Jamaica. Many of you know that i am a proud, unapologetic Garveyite-Afrikan nationalist. This is because i carry the strong bloodline of Pou, who was a remarkably courageous Jamaican woman who did everything in her power to provide and care for her children and grandchildren.

She was an entrepreneur who had her own self made business when she was young. Even in her old age, she was a staunch businesswoman. She sold “frozen ice” to the people in her local district. When i was there on visits i would help her sell too. She was an excellent cook (with a big appetite!) and a verrry loving woman, especially to her children & grandchildren, who she loved dearly.

In 2011, inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, i created Katiopa Watoto Shule, an independent Afrikan centered learning center. I began a f/t summer school program for Our children, completely on my own in June 2012. I had very little support but i did it anyways. It was a great success. So those of you who have shown appreciation for my work and dedication should know that this is a legacy that i inherited directly from Pou and the many foremothers that came before her.

She also raised a generation of grand-children as well, which included my eldest sister who was raised with her since she was small. I had the opportunity in the late 90s to early 2000s to create a strong bond with my grandmother. I would write her letters regularly and she returned them signed always with “your loving grandmother”. We sat down and had late night as well as early morning reasonings in JA. When she asked me why i always dress in Afrikan clothes, I told her about Nyabinghi, Rastafari and our strong connection to Afrika as Jamaicans. She was very proud of me for the info i shared.

I prepared breakfast for her in the mornings, with tea or hot cocoa, swept the yard and ate dinner with her at nights. I would help her to cook snapper fish, especially the way she liked it, on the open fire. Snapper always has been my favorite fish as well. We have alot in common, including the fact that i have short “nappy” hair like her (which i am now verry proud of) and i grow facial hair on my face, like she did.

Sometimes when i stayed out too late she would lock me out, and i would have to “sweet her up” so she would forgive me and let me back in again! I miss her sooo much when i think of the memories we have together. The reason i love bammy and fried fish is because of her. The reason that i work hard to care, educate and provide for my son regardless of the challenges is also because it is part of the legacy that Pou handed down to me.

I love her deeply and i need to be there at her funeral to see her this last time. Those of you who are also close to your grandparents will understand why i feel this way. However, i am currently underemployed right now because the chinee ppl dem who i was working for have cut my hours down to a minimum. Tomorrow, February 12th is my Earthstrong so this is also a Very special time for me. The greatest gift i could receive for my Earthstrong is to be in Jamaica to send Pou home and to see her beautiful face one last time.

So i am calling on all those of you who support the Katiopa Watoto Shule family to support and assist me in making this final journey to say “Nante yie” to my beloved Nana, Arabella “Pou” Morgan….any donation will help. This is my last opportunity to see Pou before she goes to her final resting place. Meda ase in advance for your understanding!!!

Pou Arabella Morgan

Here is the link to my GOFUNDME account for you to send a donation:

*Those of you who donate, will be sent a Katiopa Adinkra poster, signed and certified by my son and myself, upon my return from Jamaica. Please send me your mailing address to*


Mekyea mo brothas and sistas!,

When I woke up this early morning and checked my email, i found a wonderful and heartwarming note of praise and appreciation for the work of Katiopa Watoto Shule (when i was still located in Montreal). Brotha Makaa Ngumo, who was Our volunteer driver for special events, asked me to post his article here and also sent his well wishes for much prosperity in our new mission to establish Katiopa Watoto Shule here in Toronto, Canada. Please read, share and comment!

Katiopa Watoto Shule is a great place to send your Afrikan child. I personally have witness Warrior teacher Kentake Malopenza interact with her students and I confirm that they are in good hands. Not only she teaches about our history but she also prepares them to deal with the context in which we live in which is the global system of white supremacy/terrorism. There’s no doubt in my mind that children coming out of that school will be devoted to Afrikan liberation and the destruction of racism/white supremacy.I also noticed that the students are very comfortable with her. I even witness one of the students saying to Kentake that she loves her. Kentake treats her students like her own children. There’s no doubt in my mind that Katiopa Watoto Shule is the best Afrikan-centered school for your Afrikan children in KKKanada.

Brotha Makaa Ngumo

Meda ase pii brotha Makaa Ngumo! We appreciate you as well!


Katiopa Watoto Shule is here to help fulfill the mission of Abibifahodie (Afrikan liberation) in unison with our devoted Afrikan family. Nation building starts with the family clan, and our children and (true) elders are the members of our family who have always been closely connected to the spiritual realm. On the one hand our children are newcomers into this physical plane, and on the other hand our elders are slowly on their journey to returning to the Egun (divine ancestors).

Both of them play very vital roles in maintaining balance, harmony, peace and equilibrium in our families and nation. As Afrikans who are reconstructing and reclaiming our ancestral way, we must Never mistreat our watoto (children) or our elders (or each other!) because there is a proverb in our tradition that says “Ashes fly back in the face of him (or her) who throws them”.

Reflect upon that proverb for a minute!! We must be mindful that our behaviour matches our words, especially to our children because if we mislead them, in the future, it will be they who will scorn, reject and dishonor us. A family that has lost the respect of its’ children and elders, is a family that is surely disintegrating and will soon destroy itself.

Our children are coming into this world with innocence, divinity and wisdom waay beyond what our yurugu infested minds can comprehend, and we must be very mindful of what examples we show them through our own behaviour.
The Afrikan wombman who strives to walk in the footsteps of Our sacred AsafOhemmas’ (warrior queens), will know and overstand that the GREATEST role she can play in the process of Abibifahodie is reclaiming her role as the 1st teacher of the nation.

This is NOT a title we claim for ourselves, it is a birthright that has been granted to Us by the Egun, Irunmole and Orisa themselves. WE are the physical vehicles thru which ALL Afrikan life was born, so naturally we will be the first that our watoto will look to for the divine example of what it means to live Maat.

I have reclaimed my birthright and i encourage the Afrikan family to assist me and my family on this journey. Support the work of Katiopa Watoto Shule as we strive to build institutions of social and spiritual empowerment for Our watoto.


Ase oooo!

“Those who never protect the values of their Egun, their soul will Never rest peacefully”

Afrikan proverb


Maadwo brothas and sistas,
Now i think i understand the MADNESS i see out here a little betta noow! We got a multitude of negros out here that really don’t wanna ever grow up, they just seem stuck in a perpetual state of infancy….and find every reason to extend their adolescence and stay “hot, sexy and out ah road!”. Our “missing” mothers (and they DO exist!, but i don’t know none though!) are in the club “droppin it like its’ hot” to Rihanna’s latest tune, getting the latest “fly weave” for that bashment that’s coming up on the weekend OR shopping at the mall for the latest yurugu inspired fashion. Maybe those “missing” fathers are watching the games at the “crib” of one of “their boys”, test driving that new Benz with the “fine honey” they just met at the mall (who will be pregnant with baby #6 in a few weeks>) OR hanging out at the plaza all dayum day talking about how they used to be such a “playa” in their young days (i have seen fathers do this!!) And then some of the missing fathers in our community have just “disappeared into the night” with no word or trace.

Let them BE children

Regardless of the scenario, i DID have a revelation today. Many Afrikan diasporan parents desire an “extended adolescence” period in their lives that usually gets out of hand. They don’t want to deal with the very real and serious responsibility of loving and protecting our children and showing them how to reclaim and revive our values and culture. So they run headfirst into everything that will allow them to feel like a teenager again, such as, abandoning their child/children daily for hours on end, leaving their babies at home to be “supervised” by a distant neighbour, while they party ALLL night long, putting them in front of the television for hours, leaving them with strangers or acquaintances, giving them to their grandparents or aunties for extended “vacations”, handing them over to daycares as young as 3 months of age, giving them an abundance of adult responsibility and last but not least, leaving children in charge of children….as if the children gave birth to their own siblings!!!

I did not know until recently that this is now the “norm” in many Afrikan diasporic families and has been for sometime. I even know of some people who shared with me that they grew up like this, and i just realized that these same people RESENT the fact that they have to “grow up” not only in age but in deed!! When you ask them to take on an adult responsibility they play “hide and go seek”, only thang is, i don’t play that game anymore cause i am a wombman now! My take on it is: it is NOT the responsibility of children to parent one another OR to take charge of the family home. NOOO! Our children should not be the “breadwinners” of the home because daddy is missing. You cannot accept $50-$20 dollar bills from a 12 yr old knowing he does not have a job!!! A 9 yr old boy cannot play “daddy” to his siblings.

Teen pregnancy

A 10 yr old girl cannot play “Mommy”. I’m SERIOUS!!, and this is not just for the negropean massive this goes out to the entire Afrikan community, negropean, wanna be crackas, Afrikan nationalist and everythang in between. Because all of us have the yurugu germ in US, whether we are draped in RBG colors or the Canadian flag. Our childrens’ innocence and life experience should not be robbed from them just because they are being FORCED to function as adults. I realized today that the “extended adolescence” epidemic that many parents face, is what causes so much dysfunction in our families and communities. It is also one of the major causes of teen pregnancies and gun violence amongst our youth. In many ways, it caused my brothers’ death and now my son does not have an uncle because of it. My son will never know the immense love and affection of his uncle because the adults in his family refused to ensure his protection and would not allow him to live the life of a child.

WE must remember that it is not our childrens’ fault that sooo many of us refuse to grow up!!!! On another note, this shows us how important and crucial it IS for aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, elders, extended family (distant cousins kwk) and sincere, trustworthy, devoted community members to STEP IN to love, nurture, educate and protect our children whose biological parents are M.I.A. and/or abusive and dysfunctional. We have NO choice but to take the roles that are vacant in our communities, especially the role of an absentee or abusive parent! Not all of us are willing to LIVE the role of a mother or father, just because we gave birth or contributed our seed. That’s real and we have to talk about it so we can come to some solutions. How many of us are willing to be that Ena or Baba that is so needed for our children?

Bad example

How many brothas are willing to take on the responsibility of being Jegna’s (called mentors in brofo) or Baba’s to our princes who don’t have a father? And if brothas don’t want to take that duty, then they should have nothing to say about the dynamic work that single mothers are doing in our communities. “If you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem!” Are we going to leave our children with the duty of being parents to their own siblings making the money to feed themselves anyway they can, suffering abuse or neglect just because we did not give birth to them? And then we wonder why they have no respect for their elders.

Most Afrikan children in the diaspora don’t even know what elder means. What a shame!! They should not have to deal with the effects of our adolescent, infantile behaviour! They should not have to be motherless and fatherless when there are so many able bodied, healthy, educated, employed Afrikans who can afford to adopt our children yet spend the majority of their money on “conscious dvds”, “conscious lectures”, “conscious cruises” and “conscious everythang under the sun” instead of nation building where it starts- with OUR families and children! Don’t hate, i’m just saaaayiiiiin!!!! What the hell are we gonna do other than watch our children DIS-integrate into the yurugu “milky way” before our very eyes? PASS ON THIS MESSAGE to all who need to hear it!!!!!!

Benin mama

Sista Kentake.


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